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ELIX Polymers at Fakuma’15: Unveiled AMS-free High Heat ABS for Auto Applications

Published on 2015-10-28. Author : SpecialChem

TARRAGONA -- ELIX Polymers, among the leading specialists in ABS high performance materials, showcased a new generation high heat polymers. ELIX High Heat ABS resins combine low emission/odor, high flow, high heat resistance, well balanced mechanical properties and excellent processability and paintability.

ELIX Polymers
Fig. 1: ELIX Polymers

First introduced earlier this year at the VDI conference Plastics in Automotive Engineering, this latest product development is based on breakthrough AMS-free chemistry and able to meet the stringent requirements of the Automotive Industry and is suitable for interior and exterior applications.

The new range offers a range of performance benefits. These include high to extremely high heat resistance ranging from vicat 105°C to 114°C; improved melt volume rate to reduce cycle times; a 1-2% reduction in density to 1.03 g/cm3; emission reduction of up to 90%; and higher impact values compared to similar products currently in the market.

Fabian Herter, Industry Manager Automotive at ELIX Polymers said: “The unique combination of AMS-free technology, improved processability and weight reduction make this new range an attractive option for processors. We believe this new range is a major step forward and provides and attractive and better alternative.”

About ELIX Polymers

ELIX Polymers is among the leading manufacturers of ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) resins and derivatives in Europe.

Operating from its head office in Tarragona, Spain, and with Sales support teams in all key markets, the company is among the specialist providers of tailor-made solutions for high quality thermoplastics applications. With a 40-year track record, ELIX Polymers is an expert in ABS polymers, and it has the resources, the expertise and the experience to create value for its customers through highly individual solutions.

ELIX Polymers offers a broad range of material solutions for a variety of industries and applications, meeting the stringent requirements of the Health Care, Automotive, Appliances, Electronic, Toys and other industries.

Source: ELIX Polymers

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