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Evonik’s New PA 12 Meets Stringent EN 45545 Fire Protection Standard

Published on 2017-05-22. Author : SpecialChem

VESTAMID® LX9115 for Rail Vehicle Interiors
VESTAMID® LX9115 for Rail Vehicle Interiors
A new grade of polyamide 12 from Evonik meets the stringent EN 45545 fire protection standard for rail vehicles. VESTAMID® LX9115 is flame retardant and is distinguished by low toxicity and smoke density.

VESTAMID® LX9115 – Improve Overall Safety

Beginning in April 2016, more stringent requirements have been defined in the new EN 45545 fire protection standard to improve the overall safety of the equipment against the fire behavior of materials and components used in rail vehicles. In order to meet the stringent EN 45545 standards, Evonik’s Resource Efficiency Segment has developed a new VESTAMID® molding compound based on polyamide 12 (PA 12) that is flame retardant and meets the required values for toxicity and smoke density defined in the standard.

Properties of PA 12

The new PA 12 compound is marketed under the tradename VESTAMID® LX9115 and is a technology leading PA 12 compound developed to meet EN 45545.
  • Besides fulfilling the stringent fire behavior, VESTAMID®LX9115 possesses excellent resistance against dynamic stress and impact even in the lower temperature range. 
  • The new black colored compound opens up new design possibilities for cables and cable conduits applied in sensitive interior as well as exterior applications; the coloration does not affect the outstanding fire protection properties. 
  • In addition to rail applications, VESTAMID® LX9115 may be used in any other areas requiring a high degree of fire protection. 

Evonik produces a range of VESTAMID® polyamide 12 products with customized properties, whether for automotive applications, electronics, petroleum production, or photovoltaics; in close collaboration with customers, these products have been continually adapted over 50 years to meet the needs of innovative, high-grade applications.

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Source: Evonik
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