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Evonik: New Thermoplastic Elastomer with Transparency and Color Stability

Published on 2019-10-11. Edited By : SpecialChem

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At the K 2019 trade fair for plastics, Evonik will be celebrating 40 years of PEBA. The high point of this milestone anniversary of the product will be the launch of a new generation of thermoplastic elastomers under the brand name VESTAMID® e²X.

Unique Material Properties


VESTAMID® e²X sets new standards for thermoplastic elastomers: With its excellent transparency and color stability and fascinating gloss effect, the recently developed high-performance polymer outperforms customary product classes of polyether block amides. Evonik’s polymer experts have therefore selected the name of the new product in a way that reflects these unique material properties.

“Our youngest generation of PEBA is a game changer in the area of flexible high-performance polymers. We’ve put four decades of technical expertise into the new material, so that we can offer a product that gives our customers fresh inspiration in their product development,” says Dr. Alexander Richter, head of the Consumer Goods market segment at Evonik.

The broad spectrum of properties such as excellent low-temperature impact strength, high elasticity, good resilience, and low density makes VESTAMID® e²X a preferred material for high-end applications in sports and consumer goods as well as the automotive sector.

40 Year Anniversary of PEBA

In 1979 Evonik launched a polyether block amide (PEBA) thermoplastic elastomer on the market under the brand name VESTAMID® E, from its largest global production site in Marl Chemical Park. Over the last four decades these elastomers from Evonik have repeatedly found their way into new high-end applications such as sports goods, pressure lines in trucks, medical accessories, and 3D printed high-tech elements.

Then, as now, the high-performance polymer impresses due to its excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, its adjustable hardness and flexibility, and its good resilience. It is easily processed, colored, and overmolded. Right from the start, the thermoplastic material offered a unique balance of properties allowing design-free realization of demanding applications.

Source: Evonik
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