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New Phenolic Resin with ULEF Content for Pre-preg Composites by Hexion

Published on 2017-05-26. Author : SpecialChem

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Hexion Inc. introduced a new phenolic resin for pre-preg composites with an ultra-low free formaldehyde (ULEF) content of less than 0.1%, at the SAMPE Seattle 2017 conference, May 23-25th.

Lower VOC CELLOBOND™ J 6021X01 Resin

The new, lower volatile organic compound (VOC) CELLOBOND™ J 6021X01 resins, specifically designed for pre-preg manufacturing, maintain the CELLOBOND product line’s proven excellence in fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) performance while providing improved safe use and handling.
Neil Smallwood
Neil Smallwood
  • The ULEF resin systems have 90% less free formaldehyde than previous systems. 
  • This new system results in reduced emissions during composite manufacturing and allows the development of pre-preg composite systems with even further reductions in free formaldehyde content. 

“Pre-preg” refers to a composite made by saturating, or pre-impregnating, a reinforcing fabric with the resin system before, rather than during, molding.

Neil Smallwood, Managing Director at FTI Group, said:
“Phenolic composites are universally accepted as the best option for meeting the most stringent fire safety standards, such as FAR 25.853. With CELLOBOND J6021X01 phenolic resin, we have been able to combine fire safety with safer pre-preg manufacturing and handling. Our new FibaRoll PH pre-pregs and SMC formulations have a residual free formaldehyde of <0.01%. FST results are excellent, with outstanding Peak Heat Release of <10 kW/m2. CELLOBOND phenolic composite solutions also support improved workplace safety and hygiene.”

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Source: Hexion Inc.
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