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New Single-dose Purge Compounds for All Plastics Processing Uses by iD Additives

Published on 2017-07-26. Author : SpecialChem

iD Additives, Inc., has announced that it is now supplying a new line of single-dose purging compounds.

Quickshots™ Single-dose Purge Compounds

The new iD QuickShots™ products are single-dose purge compounds that come in individual packets.
  • These unique compounds allow operators to purge their machinery by simply dropping the packets into the feed throat/hopper of their machine. 
  • They work with all resin types on all plastics machinery processes including injection molding, extrusion and blow molding. 

Molding Technician Dropping a QuickShots™ Into the Hopper of Molding Machine
Molding Technician Dropping a QuickShots™ Into the Hopper of Molding Machine

Nick Sotos, President of iD Additives, said:
“There is no simpler way to purge resin from a machine than by using QuickShots™. They not only simplify the purge process, they also reduce costs as you only use the packets you need for each application.”


Typical dosage is one ounce per 1” of screw diameter – so a 6” screw diameter would require the use of two 3 ounce QuickShots™. No soaking or temperature adjustments are necessary.

Features and Benefits

  • FDA Compliant and environmentally safe
  • Works with any resin – no need for multiple grades
  • Reduces the amount of resin required to purge
  • Minimizes process equipment downtime
  • Made in the USA


iD Additives is selling the QuickShots purge compounds in 1 ounce packets (boxes of 50) and 3 ounce packets (boxes of 24).

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Source: iD Additives, Inc.
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