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INEOS Added New Grade for Healthcare Industry: Styroflex® 4G80

Published on 2019-02-12. Author : SpecialChem

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Styroflex 4G80

INEOS Styrolution (booth 619 at MD&M West), announced today the introduction of its new Styroflex® 4G80 grade. Styroflex 4G80 is an S-TPE (styrene thermoplastic elastomer) that combines transparency, elasticity, and excellent processability making it suitable for extrusion applications. The material comes with INEOS Styrolution’s Essential HD Package (risk class 1 & 2)

Properties of Styroflex 4G80 Grade

The new Styroflex 4G80 grade provides an attractive mix of properties making it ideal for various medical tubing applications – ranging from use in traditional IV sets to more complex multi-layer tubing structures. Key material properties include excellent bonding performance, good kink resistance and clarity, and the ability to be processed on standard tubing extrusion equipment at superior processing rates when compared to other materials. This combination of properties makes Styroflex 4G80 an attractive option for tubing applications that historically have been developed with different polymers. In fact, it is an excellent product choice for customers looking to expand their portfolio to include next generation materials.

Styrolution’s Essential HD Package

Styroflex 4G80 is available with INEOS Styrolution’s Essential HD Package (risk class 1 & 2) which includes up to 12 months notification of change (NOC) with a signed long-term supply contract, locked formulations as defined in a Drug Master File (DMF) which will be filed soon with the FDA, and a variety of regulatory compliance documents and biocompatibility information (e.g. USP Class VI, ISO 10993, food contact statements). This service package demonstrates INEOS Styrolution’s commitment to product safety and long-term dedication to this market space, which are desirable traits sought out by design engineers.

Meeting the Needs of Medical Tubing

Alexander Silvestre, Global Director, Healthcare, predicts a very successful future for the new material: “Styroflex 4G80 has been developed in close cooperation with some of our partners to ensure a market need was properly met. It was designed to meet the demanding needs for medical tubing, but also cater to the desires for some medical OEMs looking for an alternate solution to what is currently offered. I would highly encourage anyone interested in next generation materials to take a closer look at our latest offering – or stop by at our booth at MD&M West.”

Source: INEOS Styrolution
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