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Innovia Films Uses FSC® & PEFC™ Certified Wood Pulp for NatureFlex™ Films

Published on 2015-07-30. Author : SpecialChem

Innovia Films’ now uses only FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) and PEFC™ (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified wood pulp in the manufacture of its NatureFlex™ product.

Innovia Films
Fig. 1: Innovia Films

This forestry certification applies at both Innovia Films’ cellulose production plants in Wigton in the UK and Tecumseh in the USA.

Dr Lucy Cowton, Innovia Films’ Product Sustainability Manager explained: “This product claim for our NatureFlex™ films follows on from a successful gaining of Chain of Custody certification in 2014. It is the next step in the journey to reassure customers that our wood pulp is from responsible, legal and traceable sources.”

Ian Robinson, Innovia Films’ Procurement Director commented: “Customers worldwide are increasingly interested in the origin of the raw materials in the products they buy. In the case of our cellulose films business, wood pulp is the principal raw material employed and this certification proves it originates from responsibly-managed forests.”

Chain of Custody certification is the process by which certified material can be traced from the forest to the end-user. It provides proof that the product being sold is linked to legally managed and certified forests. Stringent standards track all timber products and wood fiber coming out of the forest to ensure that they originated in responsibly-managed forests. The documentation offers assurances that each stage of the supply chain has been monitored closely and audited according to independent third-party verification. This unbroken link offers transparent proof that materials have been responsibly sourced, providing peace of mind to customers of forestry products throughout the supply chain.

About Innovia Films

Innovia Films is among the leading global manufacturers of two ‘families’ of specialty products supplied into the packaging, labels, tobacco overwrap and securities markets - Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) and Cellulose based films.

Its films are sold to converters, brand-owners and end-users across the globe. They become part of the packaging, labelling or overwrap solution for some of the world’s best known brands across a wide variety of everyday consumer goods. These include chocolates, perfume, cheese, tea, shampoo, cigarettes, beer and biscuits.

Innovia Films has production sites in the UK, USA, Belgium and Australia and operate a network of sales offices, agents and distributors throughout the world.

Source: Innovia Films

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