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INVISTA Introduces Nylon-1,6 Resin That Acts Like a Thermoset

Published on 2017-06-12. Author : SpecialChem

INVISTA (Houston, TX) recently introduced a new thermoplastic material that acts more like a thermoset resin.

Polyamide Thermoset?

INVISTA is developing an experimental new material, nylon-1,6 (adiponitrile-formaldehyde polymer). Early-stage research indicates that nylon-1,6 exhibits thermal behavior analogous to other formaldehyde-based polymers, such as; urea-formaldehyde, phenol-formaldehyde, and melamine resin. Nylon-1,6 is currently being evaluated for use in composites applications, in wood products, and in blends with polyamides and polyolefins.


Seeking Collaborative Innovation Partners

In keeping with their philosophy of collaborative innovation INVISTA is seeking external partners to accelerate evaluation and development of this novel polymer.

Increasing Crosslinking with Increasing Formaldehyde/Adiponitrile Ratio

Thermal analysis of nylon 1,6 shows that the material exhibits properties consistent with decreasing polymer crystallinity and increasing crosslinking with increasing formaldehyde/adiponitrile ratio.

Hydrophilic Properties Useful in Polymer Blends

A high density of amide residues in the polymer makes it significantly more hydrophilic than other nylons. This opens the possibility for Nylon1,6 to be used in combination with other thermoset and thermoplastic materials to modify properties such as water and hydrocarbon absorbance.

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