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Ira3D Launches ABS, PLA, Nylon and TPU Filaments for 3D Printing

Published on 2016-04-21. Author : SpecialChem

NOVARA -- One of the most important variables that affect the 3D object quality that you want to print is the feature of the filament utilized. Ira3D introduces new filaments totally Made in Italy that leave space to creativity and experimentation. Ira3D adds to a wide range of special filaments the new formulas of ABS and PLA HQ developed for professional services

Fig. 1: Ira3D Launches ABS Filament for High
Thermal Resistance

The ABS filament, cult of 3D printing is the first known plastic for its thermal resistance also in high temperatures; its extreme ductility made it irreplaceable in rapid prototyping, this is the reason why is the best choice to achieve mechanisms, gears and constructions subject to static and dynamic friction.

The new ABS filament reduces warping of 80% by improving resistance and mechanical stress. Print quality is significantly improved for the "no layer" effect.

Probably the most versatile, PLA filament became famous all over the world for its environmental friendliness. Being a derived from plants such as corn, wheat or beet is environment friendly material, produced from annually renewable natural resources. Once used, the PLA products are fully compostable. Our PLA filament increased their strength simultaneously with the print quality.

If you want to bet everything on functionality, resistance and reliability, Nylon is the material for you. We all know the incredible quality of this synthetic material used to make clothing and the very resistant fishing lines. Nylon was quickly adapted to the 3D print and now this technology can avail this filament practically indestructible but at the same time flexible and duttile. The new range of Ira3D nylon filaments (Nylon HQ) will be available in six colors: Blue, green, orange, yellow, black, white.

The new Ira3D Nylon HQ filaments could be used successfully with extruders at high temperature, during the printing process. Compared with the traditional ABS, Nylon HQ has several advantages:

•Greater mechanical strength of the finished model
•Less prone to delamination
•Thanks to the self-sealing properties of Nylon, improved surface finish
•Doesn't require heated bed or cooling systemsless deformation
•Possibility of making just as well small and large objects
•Does not contain toxic chemicals and is inert to the body
•Does not emit smells and fumes

Gummify by IRA3D is the incredible elastic TPU material which won't deform and can return to the original shape! Its multiple applications, from automotive panels to medical tools, makes it a unique product.

It also comes with several useful features, including elasticity, flexibility and oil, grease and abrasion resistance. Gummify will be implemented with varying degrees of D-shore (hardness) 45, 65, 90, for a wide range of applications in manufacturing, extreme sports, automotive, aerospace and much more.

About Ira3D

Ira3D was born from the great desire of a young group of experts ready to attack the economic crisis with their ideas.Experience in creative communication, passion for business and a talent in entrepreneurship led Ira3D to easily surpass the limits of traditional StartUps, reaching 7 figure turnover forecasts at the end of the first tax year.

Source: Ira3D


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