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KRAIBURG Offers TPEs for Racquets and Other Sporting Goods

Published on 2023-03-07. Edited By : SpecialChem

KRAIBURG Offers TPEs for RacquetsKRAIBURG TPE offers the FC and LW/UV series of TPE compounds for high performance racquet and other sports equipment applications.

The non-toxic compounds provide flexibility, scratch and abrasion resistance, and UV, temperature, and chemical resistance.

KRAIBURG’s TPE series of compounds result in stylish and colorfully designed racquets, since pre-coloring is available for the compounds. The TPE compounds can be used on the handle and grip, surface, and other areas of sporting equipment like racquets.

Suitable for Table Tennis Paddle Applications

With the FC series, which complies with DIN EN 71-3 requirements, the US FDA's Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 21, and EU Regulation No. 10/2011, as well as halogen-free (per IEC 61249-2-21) standards, there is no compromising on safety.

The FC series of compounds adheres well to PP resin and the compounds come in two colors: natural and translucent. With this, the TPE series can be colored in a variety of ways. The series is suitable for the surface of racquets, anti-vibration caps, and for use in table tennis paddle applications.

The application of KRAIBURG TPE’s LW/UV series of compounds ensures ease and comfort of use. The low-density, UV and weathering resistant series is especially suitable for application in handles and grips for lightweight racquets that enable quick stroking speeds, recovery, and manoeuvrability for beginners because it produces a non-sticky surface that ensures ease of comfort for the racquet user.

Furthermore, the LW/UV series adheres well to PP resin, thereby allowing for multi-component molding and production of a variety of designs for sporting equipment.

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