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KRAIBURG TPE Introduces Thermoplastic Elastomers for Dental Mouthpieces

Published on 2021-10-27. Edited By : SpecialChem

TAGS:  Medical    Rubber Replacement   

kraiburg-tpe-mouthpiece KRAIBURG TPE launches THERMOLAST® H TPE compounds ideal for use in dental mouthpiece applications, also known as dental mouth guards. The TPE compounds feature good durability, flexibility, and with high purity properties.

High-quality Grades for Tooling Applications

The TPE compounds are free from animal ingredients, PVC, silicone and latex. The HC/AP series possess good chemical resistance, tear strength and compression for dental tooling applications in frequent contact with fluids and chemicals.

THERMOLAST® H also feature a wide range of hardness from 30-90 Shore A, with optimizable processability. The compound series is translucent and can be colored to create a variety of chromatic effects.

The THERMOLAST® H materials have been tested in accordance with ISO 10993-5 and GB/T 16886.5 (cytotoxicity). They meet internationally recognized safety and quality standards, such as the China GB 4806 – 2016; the US FDA CFR 21; Regulation (EU) No 10/2011; and REACH and RoHS.

KRAIBURG TPE's Product Range Ideal for Healthcare/Medical Applications



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