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KRAIBURG Offers TPEs for Hiking Equipment Applications

Published on 2022-10-28. Edited By : SpecialChem

KRAIBURG Unveils TPEs for Hiking Equipment Applications KRAIBURG TPE offers multifunctional, custom engineered TPE compounds for use in hiking goods and other outdoor activity products to achieve flexibility, scratch and abrasion resistance, and resistance to UV, temperature, and chemicals.

FC/LF Series for Steady Hiking Pace

It is a good idea to bring trekking poles when hiking for safety. When navigating unpredictable trails, this hiking gear aids in providing stability while out walking.

KRAIBURG TPE offers the THERMOLAST® K FC/LF series for use in trekking pole handles, to assist in maintaining a steady hiking pace over longer distances. The TPE compounds provide an ergonomic design for ease of use and a perfect fit for a secure grip.

This series of compounds is resistant to abrasion and scratches and accords a soft and velvety surface. It also has consistent colorability, allowing for more eye-catching equipment design.

Furthermore, the TPE series of compounds provide good adhesion to PP, thereby benefiting wearable accessories, such as sunglasses. It is used for seals and end elements on eyewear to make them more comfortable and safer for long-hour wear while still being robust enough for outdoor use.

KRAIBURG TPE’s THERMOLAST® K AD1 series of compounds is a durable and stable material solution for shoe dial and headlamp sealing applications. The series provides a soft and velvety feel and non-sticky haptics.



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