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KRAIBURG TPE offers Thermoplastic Elastomers for Musical Instruments and Accessories

Published on 2022-01-05. Edited By : SpecialChem

TPEs-musical-equipment KRAIBURG TPE offers TPEs that are suitable to be applied on musical instruments and accessories. With features such as soft touch, scratch resistance, wide hardness range and more, TPEs are widely being used as solutions to musical instruments and accessories.

Maximized Performance and Comfort

KRAIBURG TPE’s compounds offer excellent resistance to sebum and oil and, thus, are suitable for applications such as earphones, headsets, and earpiece tips that are in constant contact with the human body.

With the soft touch feature of KRAIBURG TPE compounds, comfort is also maximized, especially in wearable electronic devices.

TPE compounds can also be used for sound damping of musical equipment. The sound absorption effect of the compounds provides stability and noise reduction on equipment such as speakers, amplifiers, and record players.

Suitable for Various Musical Equipment

KRAIBURG TPE’s compounds are known for their high abrasion resistance, allowing for suitability in musical instrument accessories such as foot pedals, protection pads and portable keyboard stands.

The scratch and wear/tear resistance features of TPEs also make the compounds suitable to be used on musical accessories such as buttons, seals and switches on digital tuners and metronomes.

KRAIBURG TPE offers non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials with a wide hardness range, which allows a multitude of musical instrument applications.

Furthermore, the TPEs can be pre-colored into various color options that creates more inspiring designs for applications in the music sector.

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