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Lubrizol Presents Aliphatic TPU for Graphics Vehicle Wraps at NPE2018

Published on 2018-05-11. Author : SpecialChem

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Estane® TPU – High Performance Solutions for Surface Protection and Graphics
Estane® TPU – High Performance Solutions
for Surface Protection and Graphics
The Lubrizol Corporation’s Engineered Polymers business is participating in NPE2018, from May 7-11, 2018, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Lubrizol is exhibiting at Booth S12115 in the South Hall of the Orange County Convention Center.

Estane® TPU High Performance Solutions

At its Expert Super Session on Tuesday, May 8, Lubrizol presented, "Estane® TPU High Performance Solutions for Surface Protection and Graphics" showcasing the benefits of plasticizer-free Estane Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) in applications such as paint protection, graphics vehicle wraps, automotive interiors, graphics media, signage, flooring, wind energy, architectural and consumer goods.

High-quality Surface Protection Solution

Estane TPU is one of the most consistent, high-quality surface protection solution enabling efficient processing and performance.
  • Paint Protection Films (PPF) protects automotive finishes from abuse and the elements.
  • It helps prevent paint chips caused by the impact of road debris and avoids corrosion from environmental contaminates. 
  • PPF is typically installed on the front bumper, hood, and quarter panels of vehicles, and may include doors and mirrors. 
  • Benefits from the ALR series include clarity, impact resistance, wettability, self-healing and UV resistance. 
  • The Estane ALR series aliphatic TPU are available in hard and soft grades for base and topcoat layers.

Newer application - Graphics Vehicle Wraps

Newer applications benefitting from the Estane ALR series aliphatic TPU include graphics vehicle wraps, a rapidly growing market.
  • For graphics wraps, Estane TPU is a non-vinyl, plasticizer free combined surface protection and print media solution that provides superior durability and ease of use during installation and removal. 
  • Compared to traditional vinyl solutions, Estane TPU provides exceptional performance for weathering resistance and longer lasting physical and aesthetic benefits - benefitting both the integrity of the film surface and the underlying vehicle surface. 
  • Films don't embrittle with time as do traditional solutions, and Estane ALR series aliphatic TPU is also fully recyclable. 
  • Low temperature flexibility allows for stretching and conformability at temperatures much lower than plasticized vinyl, while wettability provides compatibility with inks and a range of printing technologies.

Peter Kirk, global surface protection marketing manager for Engineered Polymers stated:
"Lubrizol is a market leader in surface protection technology, with more than 30 years’ experience sustaining performance in even the harshest environments. We are well equipped to share our expertise with customers seeking to learn more about these exciting applications, which are growing rapidly across the world."

Source: Lubrizol Corporation
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