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MENSHEN Selects KRAIBURG TPE’s New THERMOLAST® K TPE Series for Dosing Valves

Published on 2015-12-22. Author : SpecialChem

Products from the MENSHEN company fulfill the most stringent requirements and provide an optimal degree of safety and functionality. That is why one among the global pioneers in packaging solutions uses the new TPE series from KRAIBURG TPE in its dosing valves. The new compounds feature excellent elasticity, low viscidity and good resilience – and they comply with FDA and EU (10/2011) food regulations.


MENSHEN, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of closures, places high requirements on its materials, to ensure production of high-performance packaging solutions. For its new dosing valves, for example, MENSHEN relies on THERMOLAST® K. The new compound series from KRAIBURG TPE is used for dosing valves to seal viscous foods. The functional principle is that the package opens only at a defined pressure and then is reliably sealed again as soon as the pressure decreases. One advantage of this type of package is that it allows convenient dosing, with no mess. An additional benefit to the user is that the packaged product will keep longer due to the prevention of contamination and oxidation.

MENSHEN develops the packaging solution using only materials that comply with the stringent requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and EU Regulation 10/2011. The new series from KRAIBURG TPE also passes these certifications. THERMOLAST® K features good migration properties in contact with foods, which can be proven in detail by migration tests.
Dosing Valve
Fig. 2: Dosing Valve

Likewise important for use as a dosing valve is the high elasticity of the Thermoplastic Elastomers. After all, the valve must remain elastic even under prolonged used in order to release the contents of the package when pressure is applied. MENSHEN is committed to enduring quality and the right proportion of elasticity and excellent resilient properties of the material. “We already cooperate closely with KRAIBURG TPE in other projects and have very good experiences with THERMOLAST® K, which is why we chose this material for the dosing valves. As a component manufacturer it is especially important to us that KRAIBURG TPE adapts the products to our requirements. The Thermoplastic Elastomers were specially optimized for our application,” explains Peter Hamm, Director Sales & Marketing Europe at MENSHEN.

Efficient processing for packaging solutions

The new special series for valves used in consumer products can be processed efficiently with polyolefins in 2-component injection molding, which achieves reliable adhesion between hard and soft components. In addition, this economical process also reduces the processing time and costs. Due to the similarity of the raw materials used for the thermoplastic packaging system consisting of polyolefins and TPEs, the packages can be recycled without having to separate the materials.


The owner operated and family-owned company, with headquarters in the municipality of Finnentrop in Germany’s Sauerland region, is a global manufacturer of closures, plastic solutions and packaging systems. Since more than 45 years MENSHEN has done pioneering work in the development, production and processing of plastic closures and packaging systems. The company cooperates with strategic partners in the cosmetic, chemical, cleaning and food industries. MENSHEN produces and assembles more than 8 billion components worldwide.

In addition to the headquarters in Finnentrop, a production plant in Sundern-Hagen and a competence center for special machine construction and assembly in Plettenberg-Kahley, the company also has additional production facilities and subsidiaries in Switzerland, Russia, Great Britain, France, Spain, the USA, Mexico, Singapore and China. MENSHEN employs about 1,200 people at 14 locations in eleven countries around the world.


KRAIBURG TPE is a global manufacturer of thermoplastic elastomers. From its beginning in 2001 as subsidiary of the historical KRAIBURG Group founded in 1947, KRAIBURG TPE is one of the pioneers in TPE compounds, today being among the competence leaders in this industry. With production sites in Germany, the US, and Malaysia the company offers a broad range of compounds for applications in the automotive, industrial, consumer, and for the strictly regulated medical sectors. The established THERMOLAST®, COPEC®, HIPEX®, and For-Tec E product lines are processed by injection molding or extrusion and provide numerous processing and product design advantages to manufacturers. KRAIBURG TPE features innovative capabilities as well as true global customer orientation, customized product solutions and reliable service. The company is certified to ISO 50001 at its headquarters in Germany and holds ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications at all global sites. In 2014, KRAIBURG TPE, with over 440 worldwide employees, generated sales of 138 million euros.


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