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Metabolix at SPE's Vinyltec'14: Presented Data on PHA Copolymers Performance in PVC

Published on 2014-10-30. Author : SpecialChem

Metabolix Senior Science Fellow Allen Padwa presented new data for Mirel® PHA performance additives in PVC at the Society of Plastics Engineers' Vinyltec 2014 conference held October 20-22 in Indianapolis.

By way of background, Metabolix has previously reported that its PHA family of copolymers can be produced in both crystalline and amorphous (or "rubbery") forms. It has also presented data showing that its PHA copolymers are "miscible" with PVC polymers. The miscibility property enables PHA and PVC to mix together at a molecular level to form a composite material with new properties.

The new data in Allen's presentation includes a series of studies comparing the performance of Metabolix PHA copolymers to a panel of commonly used plasticizers. Metabolix researchers conducted studies with established controls: low molecular weight primary plasticizers and high molecular weight ethylene copolymer resins used for secondary plasticization. The results of these studies showed that its PHA copolymers performed quite comparably to the industry standard ethylene copolymer resins. The comparison material used in its studies was Elvaloy® marketed by Dupont™. The studies it conducted looked at the performance of the plasticizers in measures of plasticization effect, torque response and migration response. The results showed that its PHA copolymers performed comparably to ECRs in this panel of experiments used to assess "permanence" of the PVC/Copolymer composites.

Demonstrating plasticization performance similar to Elvaloy is a significant milestone in its PHA copolymer development program. The Elvaloy family of resins were launched more than a decade ago and gained adoption in a wide variety of applications including meal packaging, asphalt paving, wire and cable jacketing, roofing membranes and other construction materials. While many plasticizers used in PVC, including ECRs, are synthetic, its PHA copolymers are biobased. This renewable biocontent combined with a robust performance profile, can be attractive to product innovators seeking to increase biocontent in new PVC-based materials. Metabolix's PHA copolymers are also easy to process, and may act as a processing aid for PVC and PVC recyclate compounds.

Metabolix is grateful for this opportunity to present its latest PHA performance additive data for PVC at Vinyltec as it has done for the last three years. Given the SPE's focus on the evolving environmental, regulatory and sustainability requirements facing the vinyl industry, it believes Metabolix's new data will continue to capture the imagination of this important audience.

About Metabolix, Inc.

Metabolix, Inc. is an innovation-driven bioscience and engineering company founded in 1992. It focuses on providing sustainable solutions to the plastics and chemicals industries. Metabolix is developing and commercializing a family of high-performance PHA biopolymers targeted to the markets for performance additives, including film and bags, and functional biodegradation.

Source: Metabolix, Inc.

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