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NatureWorks’ New Ingeo Formulation Eases 3D Printing with PLA Filament

Published on 2016-04-11. Author : SpecialChem

ORLANDO -- NatureWorks introduced at the Innovation Takes Root global biopolymers forum Ingeo™ 3D860 – a new formulation for 3D printing designed to add impact resistance and heat resistance to finished parts printed with PLA filament. The new 3D860 builds on the increasingly popular 3D850 grade that NatureWorks launched in mid-2015 and complements NatureWorks injection molding and profile extrusion ABS replacement formulations also introduced in 2015. All of these Ingeo formulations from NatureWorks provide a practical, safe, and cost effective alternative for a broad range of styrenics in terms of performance and life cycle assessment.

These Charts Show the Heat Resistance and Impact Strength of NatureWorks 3D860 Favorably Compares to ABS
Fig. 1: These Charts Show the Heat Resistance and Impact Strength of NatureWorks 3D860 Favorably Compares to ABS

Ingeo 3D860 rivals ABS in terms of impact and heat performance and can be used for home and industrial printing of durable parts, in addition to serving as an option for prototyping injection molded goods. To realize heat resistance and optimum impact strength that approximates ABS in 3D applications, a brief 10- to 15-minute period of annealing at temperatures between 212° and 239°F (100° and 115°C) results in best performance.
Functional Fan Impeller Printed with Ingeo 3D860
Fig. 1: Functional Fan Impeller Printed with Ingeo 3D860

Productivity solution for injection molded products

“Many brands desire a bio-based, low carbon footprint alternative to styrenics,” said Dan Sawyer, Global Leader, New Business Segment, NatureWorks. “With the addition of Ingeo 3D860, we are providing an option that now enables users to create functional industrial parts or finished goods. We’ve had positive feedback from some industrial users that now view this as a viable alternative to ABS for some of their production jigs and fixtures. 3D860 also allows for rapid prototyping with the ability to approximate the physical properties achievable in injection molded parts made with ABS or with one of our Ingeo durables formulations.”

NatureWorks’ move to support the 3D market comprehensively is based on a three pronged approach: the introduction of an entirely new series of Ingeo grades designed specifically for PLA filament used in the 3D printing market; a full suite of technical support services for the additive manufacturing industry’s leading 3D printer and filament producers; and the creation of an in-house print lab. The lab enables the company to rapidly test new Ingeo formulations and collaborate with printer and filament producers.

NatureWorks is first introducing the 3D860 through selected preferred filament suppliers.

Ingeo & the Ingeo logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of NatureWorks LLC in the USA and other countries.

About NatureWorks

NatureWorks LLC is a company dedicated to meeting the world’s needs today without compromising the earth’s ability to meet the needs of tomorrow. Today, NatureWorks is a world leading biopolymers supplier and innovator with its Ingeo portfolio of naturally advanced materials made from renewable, abundant feedstocks with performance and economics that compete with oil-based intermediates, plastics, and fibers, and provide brand owners new cradle-to-cradle options after the use of their products. NatureWorks is jointly owned by Thailand’s largest chemical producer, PTT Global Chemical, and Cargill, which provides food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services to the world.

Source: NatureWorks LLC

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