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Nilit Plastics at Fakuma: Exhibits Latest Metal-replacing PA Compounds for Railways & more

Published on 2014-10-16. Author : SpecialChem

Nilit Plastics, one of the world's largest polyamide compounders, is presenting its latest innovations at Fakuma, in Friedrichshafen, Germany, from October 14 to 18. Among the innovations are a new range of high performance, flame retardant compounds; flame retardant compounds certified to new railway pan-European regulations; a new range of high performance compounds designed to replace metal; and a unique range of eco-friendly polyamide 6.6 compounds derived from recycled textiles. Nilit Plastics is present at Hall B1, Booth 1213.

High Performance, Flame Retardant Compounds

FRIANYL® XT is a new range of high performance, flame retardant compounds intended for electrical and electronic applications. These compounds complement Nilit Plastics' wide range of FRIANYL® flame retardant polyamide 6.6 and 6 compounds for this sector.

The new FRIANYL® XT product range targets applications which require a maximum service temperature significantly higher than that of polyamide 6.6. Key properties include a continuous operating temperature (RTI) between 130°C and 140°C (depending on grade), a UL 94 flammability rating of V-0 at 0.75 mm and high stiffness and strength at elevated temperatures. Included in the FRIANYL® XT product range are grades that are halogen and red phosphorus-free, as well as one grade containing halogenated additives.

Meeting New European Railway Fire Protection Regulations

A new pan-European fire protection standard for railway passenger vehicles, EN 45545, will fully come into force during March 2016, replacing national standards currently enforced within the European Union. Nilit Plastics already has a range of FRIANYL® flame retardant compounds independently certified to EN 45545, which is presented at Fakuma.

The FRIANYL® grades are intended for electrical and electronic applications such as isolators, current and voltage transformers, circuit breakers and contactors. All parts, when exposed to fire, are self-extinguishing and contain neither halogens nor red phosphorus.

Under EN 45545, materials are given one of three "hazard level" classifications: HL1, HL2 and HL3. Materials given an HL3 classification offer the highest level of safety. Nilit Plastics has one PA 6 and three PA 6.6 compounds that achieve HL3, with levels of glass reinforcement ranging from zero to 30%. It also offers two compounds rated HL2. One compound is a 30% glass reinforced PA 6, while the other is an unfilled PA 6.6.

Metal Replacement

The new NILAMID® XS product family is an extension of Nilit Plastics' wide range of customized compounds. It is mainly intended for metal replacement in structural and semi-structural applications in automotive and industrial & consumer markets. By upgrading from polyamide 6.6 to NILAMID® XS, end-users can maintain — and often increase — the functionality of a part while obtaining additional advantages, such as reduced processing and post-processing costs.

The new NILAMID® XS product family includes grades with glass fiber reinforcement of up to 65%, impact modifications types, mineral filled products and specialty compounds with carbon fiber reinforcement and low wear and friction behavior. Key properties include high stiffness and strength, low warpage, good creep behavior and excellent surface finish.

Compounds Derived From Recycled Textiles

ECOMID® ARX is a unique range of eco-friendly polyamide 6.6 compounds derived from recycled textiles. ECOMID®ARX is produced in Wehr, Germany, at a plant dedicated to converting recycled fibers and textiles into polyamide 6.6 compounds. ECOMID® ARX provides end-users with the opportunity to use 100% recycled thermoplastics in high performance applications.

Nilit Plastics is aiming ECOMID® ARX products particularly towards automotive applications: opportunities in the engine compartment and in interior and exterior components. With all production operations under its control, Nilit Plastics guarantees the high quality and high consistency of its ECOMID® ARX products. As a result, it is able to offer compounds compliant with demanding standards like VW-TL50127 for automotive applications.

Typical applications include engine covers, fan shrouds and gear lever housings. The product portfolio includes unfilled and glass reinforced grades, impact modified and heat stabilized types. All compounds are either black or grey.

About Nilit Plastics

Nilit Plastics is part of the Nilit Group, a family owned business founded in 1969 by Ennio Levi. The group has 40 years of experience in polyamide 6.6 and 6 compounds and nylon 6.6 polymer productions. Nilit Plastics provides solutions for applications in injection molding, profile extrusion, film blowing and casting for one of the world's widest ranges of polyamide compounds. Nilit Plastics understands that its customers need cutting-edge products to stay ahead. That is why it combines creativity and product innovation with engineering expertise and technology to develop high-quality solutions.

Nilit Plastics produces its own polyamide 6.6 in Israel, and has compounding operations in Germany, Italy and China, all of them certified to the ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard.

More than 60% of all compounds produced by Nilit Plastics are tailor-made according to individual customer's requirements. Consequently, Nilit Plastics is committed to make a considerable effort in research and development with R&D centers in Germany, Israel and Italy. Nilit Plastics has sales offices in China, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Slovakia, and the USA. With a special focus on flame retardant and tribological products, Nilit Plastics offer includes the FRIANYL®, NILAMID®, ECOMID® and POLYNIL® registered brands.

Source: Nilit Plastics

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