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Increased Output & Improved Performance with NOVA Chemicals’ New PE Butene Film Resins

Published on 2017-09-29. Author : SpecialChem

NOVA Chemicals Corporation has announced the availability of three new polyethylene butene film resins. The NOVAPOL® PF-Y818 Series resins can enable film manufacturers to achieve significant output increases and improved performance compared to traditional butene linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE).

Polyethylene Butene Resins for Films
Polyethylene Butene Resins for Films

NOVAPOL® PF-Y818 Series Resins

  • Each of the three resins in the series has the same performance properties, but is formulated with a different set of additives for the specific needs of film extruders. 
  • The resins can be used in a wide range of flexible film applications including:
    • Food packaging
    • Stretch film
    • Industrial liners 
    • Retail trash bags 
    • Collation shrink

Alan Schrob, group market leader, NOVA Chemicals, said:
“We have been able to demonstrate productivity output gains up to 20 percent with our customers. These gains lead to higher revenue per film line and could allow deferment of capital expenditures on new blown film lines.”

Key Benefits

Productivity gains are enabled by the melt strength of the resins, which increases bubble stability on blown film lines, allowing the lines to run faster.
  • The new series’ enhanced melt strength can also allow extruders to simplify structures and blends by reducing or eliminating the need for low density polyethylene (LDPE). 
  • In addition, these three resins feature an exceptional balance of physical properties including excellent clarity and low gels, which significantly improve optics over traditional butene LLDPE.

Alan Schrob added:
“We are committed to innovation that enables our customers' success. These new grades allow our customers to improve their productivity without sacrificing the consistency, reliability and versatility they have come to expect in our NOVAPOL resins.”

The development and expansion of the PF-Y818 resin series are a result of the customer-centric research and development work at the company’s Centre for Applied Research and Centre for Performance Applications in Calgary.

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Source: NOVA Chemicals Corporation
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