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PolyOne Launches Cellular Vinyl for Molding Applications at Plastics Extrusion World Expo

Published on 2019-05-09. Edited By : SpecialChem

Cellular Vinyl for Molding Applications At the Plastics Extrusion World Expo, PolyOne is showcasing several advancements in vinyl technology, including the launch of Geonä Cellular Vinyl for trim and molding applications.

Delivers Consistent Cell Structure and Improved Stability

The family of Geon Cellular Vinyl formulations is engineered specifically for interior building and construction applications and includes a proprietary technology that alleviates separation and consistency issues found with typical cellular PVC dry blends. With enhanced integration of the foaming agent, processors can achieve improved stability and consistency for lighter weight finished goods with a higher quality look and feel.

Deliver Greater Value to Customers

“We continually look for ways to enhance our vinyl technologies to deliver greater value to customers,” said Jim Mattey, global marketing director for Performance, Products & Solutions at PolyOne. “With these new grades, we effectively help to lower our customers’ scrap rates and material usage while allowing them to achieve a premium quality end product.”

In addition to Geon Cellular Vinyl, PolyOne will be showcasing several other technologies at the Expo, including:

Geonä Bold Alloys: formulated for exceptional weathering performance and color hold for dark outdoor building applications

Geona Cellular Vinyl for trim and molding applications

Plenstarä Vinyl Grades: designed for plenum applications and engineered to meet performance needs for telecommunication cables

Geonä CPVC: combines inherent flame resistance and chemical resistance with elevated temperature performance for many industrial applications

PolyOne will exhibit in booth 425 at Plastics Extrusion World Expo (Cleveland, OH), May 8-9. Additionally, Kristin Meyers, Geon senior industry manager for PolyOne, will be presenting ‘Solutions in Dark Color Outdoor Architectural Applications’ on May 8 in the Pipe & Profile Theater at the event. 

Source: PolyOne
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