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Take Performance to Extreme with PolyOne’s COMPTEK™PEEK Blends: CHINAPLAS

Published on 2017-05-23. Author : SpecialChem

PEEK Blends for Medical Devices
PEEK Blends for Medical Devices
GUANGZHOU, China -- PolyOne had announced at CHINAPLAS 2017 that COMPTEK™ blends based on polyetheretherketone (PEEK) are now available in Asia for multi-use medical devices, electrical connectors, and other demanding applications. These blends create parts that can withstand higher temperatures than standard PEEK, with better post-processing shrinkage control and improved colorability.

PEEK Blends Now in Asia

Barto Du Plessis, vice president Asia, at PolyOne, said:
“The medical device manufacturing sector across Asia is growing quickly, and this region is also the clear leader in the manufacturing and export of electronics. Making these PEEK-based blends available in Asia enables these customers to benefit from a standout material combined with our global support and expertise in polymer science.”

In late 2016, PolyOne acquired Germany’s COMPTEK, an innovator in formulating high-temperature polymers.
  • PEEK-based blends developed by COMPTEK have a glass transition temperature (Tg) up to 40°C higher than standard PEEK formulations. 
  • This higher Tg frees manufacturers to design parts that can withstand greater operating temperatures and high-temperature sterilization without warping. 
  • The materials also accept color more readily than standard PEEK formulations, supporting the creativity and branding goals of designers.

Advantages Over Standard PEEK

Because these blends exhibit uniform shrinkage after molding, manufacturers can simplify injection mold construction while still meeting exacting tolerances for plug connectors and other components. In addition, compared to PEEK, the materials can be processed at lower temperatures to help manufacturers save energy during injection molding.

During the CHINAPLAS trade show, PolyOne’s Science and Innovation Exhibition Area and Collaboration Café offered visitors the opportunity for in-depth discussions on these and other advanced polymer solutions from PolyOne.

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Source: PolyOne Corporation
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