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Polyplastics Offers PBT for Advanced Driver-assistance System Parts

Published on 2020-07-20. Author : SpecialChem

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polyplastics-automotiveASADParts Polyplastics sees strong potential for its innovative resin products, DURANEX® PBT materials, in Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) parts that enable autonomous driving. DURANEX® PBT materials - targeted for actuators and communications equipment – deliver strong durability, alkali resistance, hydrolysis resistance, and heat shock resistance.

Ideal for Electric Actuator Parts

DURANEX® PBT 330HR, 531HS, and 532AR are grades with the superior durability (hydrolysis resistance) to withstand conditions. DURANEX 532AR has resistance to alkali matter and does not easily experience stress cracking even when in contact with rust fluid from metal. This makes it optimal for parts on the underside of cars.

In by-wire systems, the actuator requires a higher level of reliability as ADAS parts become more sophisticated and electronic controls become automated. Polyplastics’ DURANEX® PBT is chosen for many electric actuator parts because it capably continues to perform even in harsh environments. Underbody parts are exposed to water and snow melting agents from road surfaces as well as oil and other substances.

These parts also heat up since they are close to the engine, motor, and other heat-generating parts. As a result, PBT is chosen in many actuator parts due to its high heat resistance, superior chemical resistance, and low rate of water absorption.

In communications equipment, flame retardant PBT resins are also in demand in motor applications exposed to high voltages, batteries, and charging parts. DURANEX® PBT 750AM is a UL V-0 grade with a high level of durability in car-mounted environments. Since it also possesses the ability to stabilize the shapes of cases and connectors, this grade is increasingly being used in auto parts that require flame retardancy in recent years.

Source: Polyplastics
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