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Pretium Launches HPP-compliant PET Container with Integrated Handle for Food/Beverage

Published on 2018-01-17. Author : SpecialChem

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Pretium Packaging’s has recently launched SureHandle™ polyethylene terephthalate (PET) container with an integrated handle which has received validation that it can be used for high-pressure processing (HPP) food and beverage applications.

Pretium SureHandle HPP
Pretium SureHandle HPP

HPP Validation to Protect Nutritional Value

Because HPP does not rely on heat for pasteurization, this validation opens the door for products that are using this relatively new cold processing pasteurization to go to market in an equally new, disruptive container which will protect their nutritional and flavor profile. An additional benefit is that the cold processing enables the use of less expensive, liner-less plug-seal style closures.

HPP testing was facilitated by The Packaging School at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The SureHandle™ bottle was also subjected to compression, drop and tensile testing to make sure it could meet the rigorous distribution demands.

Expansion of HPP Suitable Products

Barry Sak, marketing manager for the food and specialty market, Pretium, said:
“With independent testing now validating the suitability of our SureHandle™ container for HPP processing, we look forward to expanding commercialization discussions. Although there are many products suitable for HPP processing, we feel that SureHandle™ is a particularly good alternative for fresh juices whose brand owners don’t want to go to a more capital-intensive heat-set bottle.”

HPP-compliant SureHandle™ Bottle

The stock SureHandle™ bottle is currently available in a 64-ounce, 38-400 mm finish. This disruptive commercialization now gives brand owners significant shelf differentiation, plus handling convenience and aesthetics that were not previously possible.

High-pressure Processing Technique

HPP is a cold pasteurization technique which introduces filled and sealed packages into a vessel and subjects them to high water pressure.
The high pressure at ambient temperature deactivates bacteria, virus, mold, yeast, etc., making the food product safe and extending product shelf life.
Because heat is not involved, the organoleptic and nutritional attributes of the product are not altered.

SureHandle™ containers create multiple marketing opportunities for brand owners seeking to appeal to a wider audience. The container is easier to handle for both younger children and older adults, and those with physical challenges, compared to pinch grip or straight-sided alternatives. The handle not only provides carrying advantages, but also improved pouring control. 

Source: Pretium Packaging
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