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Wanhua-BorsodChem at K 2016: To Focus on PVC & TPU for E&E, B&C, Packaging

Published on 2016-08-15. Author : SpecialChem

Organizers has announced that K 2016 in Düsseldorf from 19 to 26 October will be a special show with a highlight on "Plastics shape the future".

Main focuses of K 2016:

  • Developments that are already taking shape and the visions that may become reality tomorrow. 
  • Event will demonstrate to what extent plastics are making their mark on modern living spaces – functionally, aesthetically and sustainably. 
  • Show is also devoted to economic and environmental matters.
Wanhua-BorsodChem at K 2016
Wanhua-BorsodChem at K 2016

K 2016: Plastics Shape the Future

Some 3,000 exhibitors from all continents will be taking part and 200,000 trade visitors from all over the world are expected at K 2016. BorsodChem has invited visitors with a focus on its PVC product range meanwhile Wanhua group will be represented by the TPU business unit at the show.

BorsodChem PVC
Today, Wanhua and BorsodChem group (Wanhua-BorsodChem) is considered as among the leading global PU raw material suppliers and plays an important role in the plastics industry. Wanhua is one of the biggest MDI and TPU suppliers in Asia, while BorsodChem with its integrated isocyanate and PVC production is among the key players in Central-Eastern Europe.

Through this integrated PVC and isocyanate production, which optimizes potential for future growth and through developing new profitable market opportunities BorsodChem aims to further strengthen its leading market position both in the PU and PVC markets across Europe. The PVC division is one of the most important suppliers of PVC resins in Central and Eastern Europe.

Wanhua and BorsodChem will participate in the show for the second time together in order to further expand its business portfolio and reinforce its position by offering long term partnership both regionally and globally.

About BorsodChem PVC

The BorsodChem PVC division is one of the most important suppliers of PVC resins in Central and Eastern Europe. Its products are used by a wide range of industries, particularly: Building & construction, electric & electronics and packaging. PVC also has many uses in the clothing & footwear, furniture & decoration, leisure, consumer cards, transport and medical industries. Its portfolio of solutions is always expanding, and its market position is growing stronger every day.

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Source: BorsodChem PVC
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