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RadiciGroup at CHINAPLAS 2016: Highlights Metal-replacing Polyamides for Auto Industry

Published on 2016-04-26. Author : SpecialChem

RadiciGroup is back at CHINAPLAS, one of the major trade fairs for the plastics and rubber industries in Asia. The Group has been operating on the Chinese market since 2003 – first with a sales unit and then a production unit, Radici Plastics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., set up in 2006.

RadiciGroup’s products, performance and sustainability are its centre pieces at the four-day exhibition at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The product portfolio includes metal replacement solutions, specialty polyamides resistant to high temperatures, and long-chain polymers featuring enhanced chemical resistance.

“The distinctive elements of our innovative development strategy continue to be the performance-sustainability combination and our special focus on products, processes and people,” said Gianluigi Molteni, head of marketing & business development for Radici Plastics Americas & Pacific. “These are the aspects that we intend to bring to the attention of the market here in Shanghai, during the international fair event.”

“The Chinese market is very important for our growth,” Mr. Molteni continued. “China plays a key role in determining the global development of many industries. To get an idea of the strong influence this country has on markets, it suffices to consider its contribution to the world’s growth in car sales. During 2005-2015, car sales grew, worldwide, by about 60%. Without China, the growth would have been only 35%. In spite of the slowdown China is experiencing, the forecast up to the year 2023 for the automotive sector in this Asian country is more than good, and this gives us excellent growth prospects for our products, for which the automotive industry is our primary and most important target market. However, we find other sectors in China, such as packaging and construction, promising markets for a great variety of potential new products.”

According to a news release by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), the sales of vehicles in China, the number one automotive market in the world, jumped by 9% in March, driven by the sales of private passenger cars. In the country as a whole, more than 2.44 million vehicles were sold, translating into an annual sales growth rate of 8.8%, triple the EU figure.

In 2015, Radici Plastics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd recorded a positive growth trend of 40%.

Brake Pedal Support Made of RadiciGroup's PA6.6-LGF60
Fig. 1: Brake Pedal Support Made of
RadiciGroup's PA6.6-LGF60

“During the last two years we have significantly strengthened our presence on the Chinese market,” said Edi Degasperi, CEO of Radici Plastics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, “in terms of both sales volume and sales organization and production capacity. After completing the installation of a new production line last October, a new investment was made this year to meet the record growth in demand. In the next few weeks, we are going to begin work on another extrusion line, the fourth one, which will allows us to increase or production capacity by about 5,000 tons/year. Furthermore, we have extended our sales network to shore up our presence in eastern China. Now, we boast a uniform presence across the entire country and can continue to ensure quality, efficient service, maximum flexibility and reliability: our hallmarks since our founding.”

“The outlook for 2016 is decidedly positive for us”, Mr. Degasperi concluded. “We are expecting a 20% increase in sales volume compared to the past year, and the auto sector is going to be the driving force of our growth and new developments.”

b>RadiciGroup product portfolio…

RadiciGroup products stand for innovation, sustainability, high performance, and quality. From polyamide engineering plastics (RADILON® - RADISTRONG® - RADIFLAM® - HERAMID®), PBT (RADITER®) and POM (HERAFORM®) to TPE thermoplastic elastomers (HERAFLEX®), the Group can develop innovative products tailored to any specific application need. Vertically integrated polyamide production. Know-how and global presence. Advanced production technologies and qualified personnel capable of delivering complete, all around customer service. All this makes RadiciGroup – an industrial group with over 70 years of history – an ideal partner to give shape and sustainability to its customers’ ideas.

RadiciGroup specialties at CHINAPLAS…

Metal replacement solutions

The RadiciGroup metal replacement product portfolio includes high performance PA6 and PA6.6 engineering plastics that offer numerous advantages, such as:
  • Component light-weighting through the use of lower density materials, plus reduced CO2 emissions.
  • High chemical resistance and excellent performance.
  • Amenable to the production of complex shaped parts directly in the mold, with no need for costly follow up processing and assembling.
  • Greater product design freedom.
  • Less wear and tear.

These advantages can translate directly into cost reduction, shorter production and time-to-market for new products and developments, as well as more responsible use of natural resources and the environment. Plastic parts provide excellent performance, can be more easily disposed of, offer greater opportunities for re-use, and have a longer life cycle. These are important characteristics because they determine the sustainable performance of a product. One of the intelligent solutions for metal replacement developed by RadiciGroup is Radistrong® A. This polyamide 6.6 polyamide sports characteristics that make it the ideal solution for critical applications – e.g., structural parts such as brake pedal support and suspension components – requiring high levels of performance not achievable with traditional engineering plastics. Compared to conventional polyamides, Radistrong® A engineering plastics ensure superior tensile strength at break and stiffness, all the more evident after moisture absorption; good fluidity and excellent surface appearance. RadiciGroup’s product portfolio for metal replacement also includes Radilon® S URV, high-fill, high-fluidity PA6 engineering plastics (available in 50% and 60%-filled versions) and Radilon® A RW, glass-fiber-filled PA6.6, with mechanical characteristics up to 20% better than standard material with the same fill. Compared to conventional PA6.6, Radilon® A RW ensures greater mechanical resistance and strain at break, greater resistance and strain at break in the presence of weld lines, and greater impact resistance in a dry-as-molded state and in a conditioned state.
Turbo Resonator Made of High-temperature Tesistant PA66-GF35
Fig. 2:
Turbo Resonator Made of High-temperature Tesistant PA66-GF35

Enhanced heat resistance product range: Radilon® HHR e Radilon® XTreme

RADILON® HHR – nylon 6.6 engineering plastics featuring excellent high-heat ageing resistance at temperatures of up to 210°C. They are suitable for injection and blow molding and are available in 15%, 20% and 35% glass-fiber-filled versions, which can be used as metal or special polymer (PPS, PPA, PA46) replacements.

Radilon® HHR products were formulated using a special RadiciGroup technology that allows for a dramatic reduction in mechanical properties degradation in materials at service temperatures of up to 210°C in air. RADILON® A RV350HHR is the ideal solution for applications such as:
- Intercooler end caps
- Turbo ducts
- Resonators

RADILON® XTREME – Thanks to the addition of the new RADILON® XTreme, RadiciGroup HHR nylon specialties line includes products capable of delivering even higher performance. RADILON® XTreme materials were developed for hot-air applications at continuous operating temperatures of up to 230°C, through a synergistic collaboration of the RadiciGroup Plastics and Chemicals Business Areas.
The main RADILON® XTreme applications in the automotive sectors: turbo air ducts, EGR heat exchanger components and resonators.

Key Radilon® XTreme characteristics are: melting temperature, 280°C (+20°C compared to PA6.6), glass transition temperature, 90°C (+20°C compared to PA6.6), and moisture absorption at saturation, 7% (- 25°C compared to PA6.6).

Enhanced chemical resistance solutions RADILON® D: NATURAL PERFORMANCE – Ideal for injection molding and extrusion, RADILON® Ds are produced from PA6.10, a biopolymer obtained from sebacic acid (64% by weight). Sebacic acid is a product of natural origin extracted from the seeds of the castor oil plant, which is grown mainly in India and China in semi-arid regions and, for this reason, does not compete with agricultural food products. Radilon® Ds ensure a high level of sustainability, as well as excellent performance. In fact, Radilon® Ds feature properties that are the equivalent of, if not superior to, those of traditional polyamides.

Compared to PA6 and PA6.6, Radilon® D polyamides show: Reduced moisture uptake, less loss of tensile strength and tensile modulus under wet conditions, better chemical resistance to zinc chloride and calcium chloride, and improved glycol resistance.

Radilon® Ds are ideal for applications in the automotive sector: fuel lines, fuel line connectors, pneumatic conduits, brake depression pipes and under-the-bonnet components.

RADILON® DT: PA6.12 SPECIALTIES – Nylon 6.12 engineering plastics featuring good mechanical characteristics, exceptional chemical resistance, even to zinc chloride solutions.

RADILON® DTs ensure: good hydrolysis resistance, exceptional resistance to cracking stress even in contact zones between conduits and fittings, and good dimensional stability, thanks to low moisture absorption.

About RadiciGroup

In the plastics industry, RadiciGroup is one of the most highly regarded manufacturers of polyamide and polyester engineering plastics for applications in many industries such as: AUTOMOTIVE – ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS – TECHNICAL INDUSTRIAL – FURNISHINGS – CONSUMER GOODS – SPORT. With six plants strategically located in Italy, Brazil, the United States, Germany and China, RadiciGroup Plastics offers processing, quality control, research and development, and technological development support. A network of sales units – with a strong presence in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Great Britain, the USA, Brazil, China and India – makes RadiciGroup Plastics a truly global organization, capable of meeting the needs of its customers worldwide.

RadiciGroup – With production and sales sites in Europe (Italy, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland and the United Kingdom), North America (the United States and Mexico), South America (Argentina and Brazil) and Asia (China and India), RadiciGroup is among the world-leading producers of a wide range of chemical intermediates, polyamide polymers, engineering plastics, synthetic fibers and nonwovens. These products are the result of the Group’s outstanding chemical know-how and are used in a variety of industrial sectors such as: APPAREL – FURNISHINGS – AUTOMOTIVE – CONSUMER GOODS – CONSTRUCTION – ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS – HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES – SPORT. Vertically integrated nylon production. Long-established know-how. Constant commitment to guaranteeing its customers quality, sustainable innovation and reliability. All this is RadiciGroup. RadiciGroup is part of a larger industrial group that also includes textile machinery, energy and hotel businesses.

Source: RadiciGroup

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