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RadiciGroup at Feiplastic: Featured Families of Metal-replacing Polymers, Engineering Plastics & more

Published on 2013-05-30. Author : SpecialChem

During Feiplastic 2013, specialties took center stage at the RadiciGroup Plastics stand. What's more, in 2013 Radici Plastics is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the start-up of Radici Plastics Ltda's production activities in Brazil. At the event, Radici Plastics Ltda featured three key families of high-performance products: flame retardant PA6, PA6.6 and PBT materials (Radiflam® S, Radiflam® A and Radiflam® B respectively); special Radilon® S URV and Radilon® A RV500RW polymers for metal and material thermoset replacement; and high heat-resistant Radilon® A HHR engineering plastics.


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