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RadiciGroup Receives Award for PA Products by Latin America’s Car Fuel Filter Producer

Published on 2017-01-02. Author : SpecialChem

RadiciGroup Gets Award
Radici Plastics Ltda, a Brazil based company member of the RadiciGroup Performance Plastics Business Area, has received the prestigious "Destaque de Qualidade" award in recent weeks, sponsored by Tecfil, a major customer, one of the car filter production market leaders in Latin America, with more than 5 million pieces per month. Tecfil said the award expressed its appreciation for the quality and excellence of the innovative engineering plastics provided and of the accurate and continuous process monitoring service, among other reasons.

CEO Jane Campos emphasized that:
“It is a very important award for Radici Plastics Ltda, which demonstrates our unique ability to support the customer through all the steps of the process, from design to finished product. Together with the Tecfil engineering department we found a specific solution for their needs, by providing two Radilon® brand products that can improve overall fuel filter performance”.

Polyamides for Excellent Product Performance

The Radilon® range includes polymers that offer improved resistance to high temperatures (up to 230 degrees Celsius for Radilon® XTreme), reinforced materials for metal replacement and long-chain polyamides.

The Radilon® product range is among the most extensive available on the polyamide market and includes thermoplastic compounds based on PA6, PA66, copolymers, PA610, PA612, and special PAs for high-temperature applications. The Radilon® polyamides are also available as non-reinforced products, reinforced with glass fiber or mineral filler, impact modified and with special formulations for specific applications.

Characteristics of Radilon® Products

  • The Radilon® products have the exceptional characteristics typical of polyamides, such as high stiffness and mechanical strength, impact toughness, especially at the conditioned state. 
  • Also they offer excellent sliding and wear properties, good electrical insulating properties and high chemical resistance. 
  • All this is combined with excellent processability with the most common transformation technologies.

The versatility of polyamides makes it possible to extend their properties, adapting them to a very wide range of needs, through the perfecting and development of special formulations, and in some cases of tailor made products based on specific use requirements, just like in the RadiciGroup and Tecfil case.

Over the past few years, RadiciGroup has experienced remarkable development in the plastics industry, thanks to its ability to be close to the customer. One of RadiciGroup Performance Plastics' strengths is its global production and business unit network in Italy and elsewhere in Europe, North and South America and Asia, which allows it to satisfy all customers with a complete, innovative and sustainable offer.

RadiciGroup has been doing business in Brazil for nearly two decades and Radici Plastics Ltda, with 60 employees, is now recognized as one of the most important companies in the local economy. Despite the period of sharp fall prevailing in the Brazilian market, Radici Plastics Ltda's sales revenue has recorded an increase.

Other Applications

In addition to the automotive, electrical and electronic sectors, specific applications for stadiums were responsible for driving sales up. Radiflam®, flame-retardant engineering plastics based on polyamide PA6 with 30% glass fiber, was used to build the seating of five structures that were featured in the Rio de Janeiro Games: the Centro olimpico de tiro esportivo, the Arena da juventude, the Centro olimpico de Hóquei, the Arena do futuro and the Centro aquático Maria Lenk.

Jane Campos remarked:
“We were the first in Brazil to provide certified polyamide engineering plastics used for the manufacture of parts of stadium seats. RadiciGroup had already provided its engineering plastics for the seats of eight Brazilian stadiums that had hosted the World Cup in 2014”.

About RadiciGroup

With 2,985 employees, sales revenue of EUR 1,011 million, and a network of production and sales sites located in Europe, North America, South America and Asia, RadiciGroup is one of the world’s leading producers of a wide range of chemical intermediates, polyamide polymers, engineering plastics, synthetic fibres and nonwovens. These products are the result of the Group’s outstanding chemical know-how and are used in a variety of industrial sectors such as: Automotive – Electrical & Electronics – Consumer Goods – Apparel – Furnishings – Construction – Household Appliances – Sport. With its business areas – Specialty Chemicals, Performance Plastics and Synthetic Fibres & Nonwovens (Performance Yarn, Comfort Fibres and Extrusion Yarn), RadiciGroup is part of a larger industrial group that also includes textile machinery (ITEMA), energy (GEOGREEN) and hotel businesses (SAN MARCO).

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