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Saint-Gobain Seals’ Fluoropolymers & PI Earn API 6A Specification for Oil & Gas Materials

Published on 2017-09-29. Author : SpecialChem

Polymer Critical Parts
Polymer Critical Parts
Saint-Gobain Seals has received API 6A specification (ISO 10423, Appendix F. relating to sour fluid (FF/HH) resistance for nine of their most used oil and gas materials. The new materials included Fluoroloy® A07, Fluoroloy® A10, Fluoroloy® A13, Fluoroloy® A16, Fluoroloy® A41, Fluoroloy® A42, Meldin® 5301, Meldin® 5320 and Meldin® 5330.

Heat Resistant Up to 200°C

As part of the requirements for the API 6A specification, immersion testing was conducted at third party Element Labs facility. After the unbiased testing was completed, each material was awarded a certificate of compliance from the lab indicating such testing conditions as 160 hours at 200°C and 1000 psi in an aggressive oilfield chemical media.

API 6A Compliant Materials

Geert Vanthienen, European Oil & Gas Market Development Manager said:
“The above materials will be added to the list of API 6A compliant materials already available for the oil and gas industry from our business unit. Thanks to the qualification of these additional nine API 6A compliant materials, Saint-Gobain Seals offers a fuller range of commonly used oil and gas materials with API 6A specification that will work for any oilfield application requiring this important compliance.”

Fluoroloy® Material

  • The Fluoroloy® material [fluoropolymers] is used in Saint-Gobain Seals’ OmniSeal® spring-energized seals and rotary lip seals that are not only for oil and gas but also aerospace and life sciences due to their excellent chemical resistance and physical, thermal and tribological properties. 
  • There are more than 100 standard Fluoroloy® grades available, several of which are FDA compliant and USP Class VI certified, making them well suited for medical and analytical equipment applications such as harmonic scalpels and chemical analyzers.

Meldin® Material

The Meldin® thermoplastic material [polyimides] has been selected for packing kit backup rings on down hole drilling oil and gas applications and also used for automotive applications in the form of piston rings and thrust washers.

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Source: Saint-Gobain Seals
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