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Shin-Etsu to Launch Ultra-low Dielectric Resin and more for 5G-related Electronics

Published on 2020-01-06. Author : SpecialChem

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shinetsu5gproducts-resins Shin-Etsu Chemical has announced that it has launched several new products in order to take advantage of surging demand for highly advanced materials in the coming 5G era (Fifth Generation Telecommunication).

Shin-Etsu has newly developed a “Quartz Cloth” and a “Thermoset Ultra-low Dielectric Resin” ideal for electronics devices, printed circuit boards, IC substrates, antennas, and radar domes that will be used in 5G high-frequency (including millimeter-wave) communication. Further the company is expanding its lineup of heat dissipation products.

Shin-Etsu concluded a licensing agreement with Novoset, LLC regarding the manufacturing and sales of high-performance thermoset ultra-low dielectric resins developed by Novoset.

New 5G-related Shin-Etsu Products

1) Thermoset Ultra-Low Dielectric Resin (Product name: SLK Series)

The product has low dielectric characteristics close to those of fluorocarbon resins as well as high strength and high elasticity. The lowest level dielectric properties with a dielectric constant of less than 2.5 in the high-frequency band (10~80GHz) and a dielectric dissipation factor of less than 0.0025 are achieved by this thermoset resin.

Because it has the properties of low moisture uptake and high adhesive strength to low profile copper (low roughness copper foils) as well, it is suitable for usage in such areas as FCCL (flexible copper clad laminates) and as an adhesive agent.

Shin-Etsu is also planning to develop low dielectric encapsulant materials and low dielectric high-thermal conductivity adhesives.

Adding these products to the product line-up will strengthen Shin-Etsu's market position in CCL (copper-clad laminates), rigid laminated circuit boards (multilayer IC substrates), antennas and radar domes for communication base stations that require high heat resistance and reliability.

2) Heat Dissipation Sheet (Product name: SAHF Series)

In order to meet increasing market demand for 5G, Shin-Etsu has relaunched newly developed sticky sheet products that are combined with heat dissipation material and a hot melting adhesive sheet onto the market.

Shin-Etsu’s products offer a wide range of thermal conductivity from 5W/mK to 100W/mK, making them suitable in applications for power semiconductors and automotive fields where high reliability is required.

Shin-Etsu will contribute to the realization and improvement of 5G by developing advanced high-performance materials and meeting the requests of our customers. To lead in this area, Shin-Etsu will aggressively pursue the development and introduction of new products and technologies.

3) Quartz Cloth (Product name: SQX Series)

It has immensely superior characteristics concerning transmission loss (degree of degradation of the electrical signal), such as a Dk (dielectric constant) of less than 3.7, a Df (dissipation factor) of less than 0.001, and a linear expansion coefficient of less than 1ppm/°C.

Its low-loss capabilities are most suitable for applications such as a circuit board’s core material to provide key support for next-generation 5G requirements for high-speed communications materials, and it also demonstrates its vastly superior characteristics for antennas and radar domes’ fiber-reinforced plastic parts material.

The Quartz Cloth consists of thin quartz threads, whose thickness can be made even under 20μm, and it can match the new demand for thinner laminated circuit boards.

In addition, quartz has the characteristic of having few occurrences of α-rays and it can prevent the malfunctioning of devices due to radiation rays.

Source: Shin-Etsu Chemical
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