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SI Group Launches Resorcinol-free and Bio-renewable Resin for Rubber Bonding

Published on 2020-10-07. Author : SpecialChem

TAGS:  Green and Bioplastics   

SI-group-elaztobond SI Group has announced the launch of ELAZTOBOND™ B8-3410 modified phenol-formaldehyde thermoplastic resin for use in rubber bonding. ELAZTOBOND™ B8-3410 resin is based on bio-renewable materials and is resorcinol-free, making it a more sustainable and safer solution than traditional bonding resins used in the rubber industry. In addition to its improved safety profile, ELAZTOBOND™ B8-3410 has shown to offer comparable or better performance than resorcinol containing resins in aged and unaged testing.

Safer Material for Rubber Bonding Applications

ELAZTOBOND™ B8-3410 has been developed as a safer replacement for resorcinol and resorcinol-formaldehyde polymers in rubber bonding applications. “A bonding resin with zero free-resorcinol enables tire manufacturers to use safer materials in their factories while still achieving maximum performance,” stated Gordon McNeilage, business director at SI Group. ELAZTOBOND™ B8-3410 is particularly effective in applications where rubber compounds must bond to non-rubber components such as metal wire.

ELAZTOBOND™ B8-3410 is the latest addition to SI Group’s extensive high-performance rubber resin portfolio. Robert Kaiser, Vice President, Rubber & Adhesives shared, “SI Group is excited to introduce new, safer, and more sustainable solutions to the rubber and tire industry such as ELAZTOBOND™ B8-3410. We continue to leverage our long history of rubber resin excellence to innovate and solve our customers challenges.” ELAZTOBOND™ B8-3410 is commercially available and backed by SI Group’s global supply chain and customer care network.

Source: SI Group
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