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Sicomin’s Bio-based Epoxy Systems Get Bureau Veritas Footprint Progress® Certification

Published on 2018-12-18. Author : SpecialChem

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Footprint Progress® Logo
Sicomin have been awarded the Bureau Veritas Footprint Progress® Certification for their GreenPoxy® products range.
  • The Footprint Progress® is a result driven certification that enables Sicomin to inform contractors and customers about their products' environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle. 
  • The certification proves that Sicomin’s bio-based epoxy systems are eco-designed and have limited environmental impact compared to standard epoxy formulation.

The Footprint Progress® Logo

The Footprint Progress® process consists of two levels: commitment to eco-design and product certification. After an intense three-year audit program in accordance with international standards such as ISO 14062, ISO 14006 and EN ISO 14040/44 Sicomin’s GreenPoxy® products have been certified, which allows the company to display the official, widely recognized Footprint Progress® logo on their Greenpoxy® range. This logo is issued by Bureau Veritas, a leader in certification of Environmental Management Systems accredited by over 60 bodies internationally.

The certification applies to the following GreenPoxy® products:
  • GreenPoxy® 56, a clear and waterproof epoxy system which contains over 52% plant and vegetable content, for tough and hard-wearing gloss laminates. It is suitable for laminating, injection molding, filament winding, press processes and casting.
  • GreenPoxy® 33, a clear laminate with high mechanical properties which has over 35% plant content. As a result of the latest innovations in bio-based chemistry, GreenPoxy 33 is able to achieve excellent wetting out properties, resulting in very low resin consumption.
  • GreenPoxy® 28, a clear laminate with mechanical properties which has 28 % of its molecular structure deriving from plant origin. As a result of the latest innovations in bio-chemistry, this epoxy resin system is developed for tools and parts resistant to temperatures. 

Bio-based Epoxies on Today’s Industrialists’ Agenda

Philippe Marcovich, President, Sicomin, commented:
“The Bureau Veritas certification shows that Sicomin’s eco-design strategy is successful and that bio-based epoxy chemistry can be on today’s industrialists’ agenda. We will continue to apply our certified eco-design approach on all new products and, when possible, will redesign existing products to further reduce our impact on the environment compared to conventional epoxy production.”

Source: Sicomin
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