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New California Proposition 65-compliant Flexible PVC Grades: Teknor Apex at NPE2018

Published on 2018-03-14. Author : SpecialChem

PVC Door Seal
PVC Door Seal
At NPE2018, Teknor Apex Company will introduce a new series of flexible PVC compounds formulated without ingredients listed under California Proposition 65 provide performance similar to that of standard compounds used in indoor and outdoor building product applications.

Apex® 2324A2 Series for Building & Construction

  • The Apex® 2324A2 Series includes eight compounds with Shore A hardness ranging from 55 to 90. 
  • They are opaque grades that extrude well across a wide temperature range and in some cases are suitable for co-extrusion with rigid PVC. 
  • Teknor Apex can provide custom versions of these products that include UV protection and anti-fungal properties without compromising Proposition 65 compliance.

Examples of applications for the new compounds are gaskets, flexible glazing, weather-stripping, door sweeps, and other interior and exterior profiles.

John Macaluso, industry manager for building and construction applications, said:
“Teknor Apex developed Apex 2324A2 compounds as a proactive measure for customers that serve markets that are in California or are affected by regulations in that jurisdiction. Our goal is to help them address concerns among their own customers and to mitigate the risk of litigation.”

Source: Teknor Apex Company
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