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Teknor Apex Offers New EU Fire Standard-compliant Low-smoke HFFR Compounds for Cables

Published on 2017-09-08. Author : SpecialChem

LS HFFR for Cables
LS HFFR for Cables
Now that the European Union’s new Construction Products Regulation (CPR) has gone into effect, Teknor Apex Company is prepared to provide wire and cable manufacturers with low smoke halogen-free flame-retardant (LS HFFR) compounds which enable cables to comply with CPR for fire performance.

Halguard® LS HFFR

Teknor Apex will highlight its Halguard® LS HFFR candidate compounds for compliance with CPR at IWCS 2017 (Booth 213).

Construction Products Regulation

CPR affects products for permanent installation in a building structure, such as data cables, control cables and building wire. As of July 1, 2017, cable manufacturers supplying such products to European markets must make a ‘Declaration of Performance’ certifying that a particular product meets CPR performance standards as validated in stringent testing by an independent body.

Fire Reaction

As initially promulgated, CPR focuses on the “fire reaction” of a cable:
  • Its contribution to fire propagation through heat given off in combustion
  • The amount and transparency of the smoke emitted
  • The acidity of the gases given off

CPR-compliant LS HFFR
The fire reaction of a cable is indicated by a classification system, with cables ranked from B2ca to Fca. Class B2ca requires:
  • The lowest heat release
  • Lowest fire growth rate
  • Lowest flame spread performance from cable testing

David Braun, Teknor Apex wire and cable industry manager, said:
“Teknor Apex is experienced with CPR classifications and has already helped customers in their programs for achieving CPR compliance. Among Halguard compounds now available are products suitable for class B2ca and below under the new system.”

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Source: Teknor Apex Company
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