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Teknor Apex’s New Medical-grade TPE for Cold-storage Requirements Proves Better than PVC

Published on 2018-02-13. Author : SpecialChem

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TPE for Cold-storage Pouch
TPE for Cold-storage Pouch
At MD&M West, Teknor Apex Company introduced medical-grade thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) developed for cold-storage bags and pouches. These newly developed TPEs exhibit low-temperature toughness superior to that of PVC, weigh less at comparable film gauges, and open the possibility of running thinner products without sacrificing performance.

New TPEs Better Than PVC

  • Medalist® compounds for low-temperature film are 70% as dense as PVC, with a typical specific gravity of 0.90. 
  • At the same time they exhibit greater toughness in cold-storage applications, with brittle points as low as -60 °C, as against -40 °C for PVC. 
  • This greater toughness introduces the possibility of down-gauging from standard thicknesses or replacing multi-layer structures with monolayer films. 
  • The new Medalist compounds exhibit tensile and tear strength properties comparable to those of PVC and better moisture barrier.

Ross van Royen, senior market manager of regulated products, said:
“Our new TPEs for cold-storage bags and pouches combine the inherent low-temperature toughness of elastomers with the biocompatibility, processability, and cost-performance balance characteristic of all Medalist medical compounds. They enable medical manufacturers to achieve weight savings and other economies while still providing the same product performance as standard PVC.”

Certifications & Compliance

  • Teknor Apex produces Medalist compounds in ISO-13485 facilities in the USA and Singapore. 
  • The new materials are made with FDA listed ingredients, are certified to ISO 10993-5 standards for biocompatibility, and are REACH SVHC compliant. 
  • They are free of DEHP and other phthalates, BPA, and latex. Standard grades are ADM-free. 

Medalist® Compounds from Teknor Apex

Source: Teknor Apex Company
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