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Teknor Apex’s New PA 6,6 Overcomes Cycle-time Limits Enabling to Boost Plant Capacity

Published on 2018-02-07. Author : SpecialChem

Typical Properties of Chemlon® 102HI BK001 Fast-cycling Nylon 6,6 Compound
Typical Properties of Chemlon® 102HI BK001
Fast-cycling Nylon 6,6 Compound
Source: Teknor Apex Company
A next-generation polyamide 6,6 compound from Teknor Apex Company overcomes cycle-time limitations of earlier workhorse grades, enabling injection molders of fasteners and similar parts to meet the same product performance requirements while increasing productivity and plant capacity.

Chemlon® 102HI BK001

New Chemlon® 102HI BK001 is the first compound in what will be a new suite of nylon products for fastener applications. It provides the same performance properties as an established workhorse grade, Chemlon 104H, but in gate-freeze tests by Teknor Apex, Chemlon 102HI BK001 showed a 15% improvement versus industry benchmarks in achieving constant weight, and it did so without any impact to surface aesthetics during demolding.

Commercial-scale Production

In commercial-scale production by a customer using high-cavitation tooling, Chemlon 102HI BK001 demonstrated accelerated rates of crystallization. After long periods of runtime, the new material consistently out-performed competitive products. Some customers have reported up to a 9% increase in part production by switching over to the material, according to Brian Rickard, director of strategy and business development for the ETP Division of Teknor Apex.

Mr. Brian Rickard said:
“Many of our customers have been really tight on press time. This new product will allow them to open up additional capacity on their current equipment, either to run less overtime or to bring in-house jobs that had gone to contract molders. As a result, it provides our customers with a competitive cost advantage.”

Source: Teknor Apex Company
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