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Teknor Apex’s New TPEs Meet Standards for Drinking Water Applications

Published on 2020-10-07. Author : SpecialChem

teknor-apex-potablewater-tPE Teknor Apex Company’s new series of TPEs, Monprene® RG-14000 Series, meets stringent German standards for drinking water applications and can be used in a wide range of components for direct and indirect contact with potable water.

Tested and Approved by German Laboratories

The new TPEs have been tested and approved by German laboratories for compliance with drinking water hygiene standards. They are certified for cold-water (23 °C) and warm-water (60 °C) applications in accordance with Germany’s KTW (Kontakt mit Trinkwasser) guideline for hygienic assessment of organic materials in contact with drinking water. In addition, the Monprene RG-14000 Series meets the requirements of the DVGW (Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches) technical Standard W270, a test method used to determine the microbial growth on non-metallic materials intended for use in drinking water systems.

These new TPEs also comply with European directive EU 10/2011 for food contact applications and are made with FDA CFR 21-compliant ingredients.

Ideal for Residential & Commercial Applications

Available in Shore A hardnesses from 50 to 90, Monprene RG-14000 Series compounds can be supplied in natural or black formulations and exhibit a light natural color for ease of coloring. They can be extruded, injection molded, or two-component molded onto polyolefin substrates.

These materials are excellent candidates for flexible or elastic components used in residential or commercial applications. Some examples are shower heads, plumbing seals and gaskets, membranes, valves, pipe fittings and connectors, and hoses.

“Monprene RG-14000 Series TPEs help to avoid chemical or microbial contamination of potable water systems and prevent impairment of water quality with unwanted odors, flavors, or colors,” said Chris Smith, senior market manager for Teknor Apex in Europe. “Besides making them available in a wide range of standard grades, Teknor Apex can develop custom formulations to meet specific customer requirements.”

Source: Teknor Apex
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