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Teknor Apex Introduces Thermally Stable TPEs for Greater Adhesion

Published on 2019-05-20. Edited By : SpecialChem

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New-generation thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) overmolding compounds from Teknor Apex Company exhibit greater adhesion to a wider range of engineering thermoplastics, mold more easily, and are more economical than comparable compounds previously available from the company. In addition, the company has launched The Overmolding Academy, a new online resource for use of TPEs in overmolding.

New-generation Overmolding TPEs

Monprene® OM compounds are based on advanced technologies for adhesion modification that exhibit improved bond strength when overmolded onto rigid polymers used in consumer product, small appliance, power tool, and other components requiring “soft / hard” material combinations. Four series of standard grades are available, each designed to adhere to specific substrate materials. Teknor Apex can also develop custom formulations to meet specific customer requirements.

“These new-generation overmolding TPEs are more thermally stable than our earlier products,” noted Hilarie Rubin, senior market manager for consumer products. “Monprene OM compounds can be molded at higher temperatures, which are more conducive to obtaining good adhesion.”

Four New Standard Series

Three of the four new standard series are based on styrenic TPE technology and exhibit dry haptics for good tactile properties in grips, handles, and other “soft-touch” components. The fourth is based on TPV (EPDM + PP) technology for improved chemical resistance.

See below:
  • Monprene OM-19300: Grades range in hardness from 30 to 70 Shore A. The compounds are designed for adhesion to general-purpose and high-impact polystyrene and styrenic copolymers such as methacrylate-butadiene-styrene (MBS).
  • Monprene OM-19400: This general-purpose series ranges in hardness from 40 to 70 Shore A and can be overmolded onto a very broad range of engineering thermoplastic substrates, some of which are polycarbonate (PC), ABS, PC/ABS blends, copolyester, PET, PBT, acrylic (PMMA), acrylate copolymers (PSA, ASA, and SAN), and acetal (POM).
  • Monprene OM-19100: Characterized by low compression set as well as dry haptics, this series is designed for overmolding onto nylon. The hardness range is from 40 to 70 Shore A.
  • Monprene OM-19100V: Like the OM-19100 Series, this series consists of low compression set compounds designed for overmolding onto nylon 6, 66, 12, etc., but it also exhibits enhanced chemical resistance. The hardness range is from 65 Shore A to 40 Shore D.

Bonding Widest Range of Polymers

“Drawing on our experience in manufacturing both TPE and engineering thermoplastic compounds, Teknor Apex has developed a new generation of TPEs that bond to the widest range of polymers,” said Ms. Rubin. “We support these products with our team of experts in regulatory and product safety compliance, our product development facilities for part design, tooling and adhesion testing, and our mobile engineering team to assist in process optimization.”

Teknor Apex has launched a new web page called The Overmolding Academy. “We’ve designed this to be the number one resource for TPE overmolding,” said Ms. Rubin. “Visitors can find blogs, whitepapers and guides to help source the right materials and assist in product and tooling design, as well as in process optimization.”

Source: Teknor Apex
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