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PolymaxTPE Unveils TPE Grades with Low Compression Set for Seal Industry

Published on 2016-08-10. Author : SpecialChem

WAUKEGAN, IL -- PolymaxTPE has introduced two Styrenic TPE grades engineered to deliver low compression set performance expressly for gasket and seals application. These two new grades, P32-010 and P32-011, can replace TPV elastomers in a variety of sealing applications that include gaskets, seals, valves, home appliance, and food packaging requiring high resilience for seal integrity.

TPE for Seals & Gaskets
TPE for Seals & Gaskets

TPE with Low Compression Set for Seals

  • What makes these new products stand out is its low compression set at elevated temperatures. Compression set is the measure of material’s ability to recover from deformation. 
  • The lower the percentage, the better the material resists permanent deformation under a given deflection and temperature range. 
  • Measurements show that the compression set of the 60 shore A P32-011 TPE has 16% at RT, 26% at 70°C and 38% at 100 °C for 22 hours; and the 40 shore A P31-010 has 20% compression set at RT, 27% at 70°C and 48% at 100 °C. 

Tom Castile
Tom Castile
“The development of new TPEs with low compression set for the seal industry reflects the focus of PolymaxTPE on R&D and its strategy of working proactively with customers”, noted Dr. Martin Lu, CTO of PolymaxTPE. P32-010 and P32-011 score further points for its excellent tear strength, cold temperature flexibility, low odor, stability at high temperature and weather resistance. The raw materials used to manufacture these two grades are compliant with food contact regulations. These materials can be used in stand-alone injection molding, extrusion applications, or bonded with Polypropylene substrates.

“Thanks to their improved tear strength and easy processability, our recent commercialization successes of 35 and 45 shore A hardness TPE, D6935 & D6945, with low compression set has been well received by our customers in replacing TPV in weather seals. The new addition of P32-010 and P32-011 will continue to provide a low-cost alternative to TPV in gaskets, stoppers, flexible connectors, and sealing for food, beverage caps & closures requiring durable sealing performance,” added Tom Castile, VP sales of PolymaxTPE.


PolymaxTPE specializes in the development of premium thermoplastic elastomer materials and custom applications for manufacturers across a wide range of market segments in North America, Asia and Europe. A growing private enterprise, PolymaxTPE has a full-service facility near Chicago, IL, USA. A sister company, Nantong Polymax, is one of the leading TPE manufacturers in China, the global hub for TPE research and development. PolymaxTPE leverages its technical expertise and extensive platform of materials and technologies to create innovative solutions for use in injection molding, extrusion and blow molding processes in the automotive, healthcare, electrical, electronic, construction, packaging and consumer products industries. The company’s products are marketed under the PolymaxTPE and MaxelastTM brands. Founded and led by American entrepreneur, Dr. Martin Lu, PolymaxTPE is dedicated to adding value for its customers by creating better solutions faster.

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Source: PolymaxTPE
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