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TSRC’s New Maleic Anhydride Grafted SEBS Improves Engineering Plastics’ Toughness

Published on 2018-07-11. Author : SpecialChem

TSRC’s MA-SEBS, TAIPOL® 7126 & 7131 in Hand Tool Application
TSRC’s MA-SEBS, TAIPOL® 7126 & 7131
in Hand Tool Application
TSRC has introduced TAIPOL® 7126 and TAIPOL® 7131—MA-SEBS—which impart ideal toughness to engineering plastics and compatibilizers for polymers with polarity difference.


Engineering plastics have excellent mechanical, physical and chemical properties; however, they have higher hardness and poor impact resistance under low temperature. Adding MA-SEBS as an impact modifier to the formulation can help improve engineering plastics’ elasticity, toughness and compatibility with polar materials, and provide more comfortable and softer haptics.

Introduction of TAIPOL® 7126 & TAIPOL® 7131

TAIPOL® 7126 and TAIPOL® 7131 are Maleic Anhydride Grafted SEBS featuring high functional group contents. Both products have excellent compatibility with polar substrates. Ideally they are used as PA6/PA66 modifiers, compounds for PA6/ABS overmolding, and as compatibilizers of PP and wood. The two grades have different melt flow indices respectively for meeting different processing needs.

Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

Potential Market Application of TAIPOL® 7126 & TAIPOL® 7131

Tougheners of engineering plastics, compatibilizers of overmolding and tie layer applications.

Packaging and Availability Information

TAIPOL® 7126 & TAIPOL® 7131 are immediately available in commercial quantities.

Source: TSRC
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