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UBE Unveils New Series of PC-based PU Prepolymers for Abrasion-resistant Applications

Published on 2023-01-23. Edited By : SpecialChem

TAGS:  Electrical & Electronics     Thermoplastic Composites   

UBE has developed a new series of ETERNATHANE® polycarbonate-based polyurethane prepolymers for the applications demanding extremely highly abrasion-resistant elastomers, combined with maximized retention of the original properties in harsh working conditions over time.

Expandable to New Markets

Through the improvement of the mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance properties of traditional polyurethanes, the newly obtained elastomers can be applied to new uses and functions not available until now, for new markets and customers, such as oil & mining, roll covers, elastomeric membranes, flooring, cast elastomers, TPU, wheels & tires, polyurethane composites, sealants, electronics & encapsulation, among others.

UBE ETERNACOLL® polycarbonate polyols, ETERNATHANE® polycarbonate-based polyurethane prepolymers and ETERNALST® polycarbonate-based TPUs are a large platform of solutions offering customizable possibilities to polyurethane materials as well as superior and long-term retention of performance, such as thermal stability, oil resistance, hydrolytic stability, weatherability and chemical resistance.

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