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High-performance Materials for Durable PUR: UBE at Polyurethanes Technical Conference

Published on 2018-09-07. Author : SpecialChem

Polyurethane parts have become more and more sophisticated to meet the requirements of today's market.

UBE’s Eternacoll® Polycarbonate Polyols

To help you match your applications’ expectations, UBE has developed Eternacoll® Polycarbonate polyols. UBE Eternacoll® is a large platform of solutions offering customizable possibilities to Polyurethane materials as well as superior and long-term retention of performance (thermal stability, oil resistance, hydrolytic stability, weatherability and chemical resistance).

2018 Polyurethanes Technical Conference

UBE at 61st Annual Polyurethanes Technical Conference

Join UBE team at 61st annual Polyurethanes Technical Conference (October 1-3, 2018, Atlanta, GA, USA) at the technical presentation entitled “Mixtures of Polyester Polyol and Polycarbonate Diol for Synthesizing Polyurethane Urea Waterborne Adhesives with Improved Properties and Aging Resistance" in the Chemistry & Fundamentals technical session on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 at 8:05am to discover more about Eternacoll® Polycarbonate polyols platform.

Benefits of ETERNACOLL® Polycarbonate Diols

ETERNACOLL® polycarbonate diols is the excellent polyol for manufacturing pipeline coatings and protection polyurethanes; because they provide an improved durability to polyurethanes thanks to maximize chemical and hydrolytic stability, and mechanical resistance. Thus, this superior durability enables to retain the original polyurethane properties in extreme and hash conditions overtime, and reduce the overall maintenance costs of pipelines.

Source: UBE
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