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Vamp Tech Attains UL’s RTI Certification for its New GFR PPA

Published on 2015-08-26. Author : SpecialChem

Vamp Tech confirms that it is among the leaders for the high performances flame retarded compounds by certifying at UL its VAMPAMID HT 3028 V0, which shows higher performances than the market standards.

This new product is a PPA (PA 6T) with 30% glass fiber, UL94-V0 halogen free for all colors from 0,4 mm to 3,2 mm thickness.

Vamp Tech
Fig. 1: Vamp Tech

Moreover, VAMPAMID HT 3028 V0 has an excellent resistance to the high temperatures and has obtained from UL the RTI certification (operating temperature in continuous) at 155°C at all thicknesses , which is the highest operating temperature among all PPAs of UL database, thus overcoming all the reference products present on the market.

The certification obtained by VAMPAMID HT 3028 V0 meets the requirement of the electric, electronic and lighting market as well as the appliances sector, which need to manufacture components that can grant higher safety levels, resistance to high operating and production temperature, always thinner thickness and high dimensional stability which PPA can guarantee thanks to the low moisture absorption. The product is also available in a wide range of colors, required to differentiate and identify the components.

Finally, VAMPAMID HT 3028 V0 , being halogen free, complies with the European Environmental Standards and to the WEEE norm for the recycling. It has also obtained the HL3 certification according to the European Norm for the public transport EN45545.

To sum up briefly, VAMPAMID HT 3028 V0 performances include:
-UL94-V0 at 0,4-3,2 mm for all colors
-RTI (operating temperature in continuous) = 155°C
-CTI (Comparative Tracking Index) = 600V
-GWIT (Glow Wire ignition Test) = 775°C no flame
-no halogens and compliance with RoHS and WEEE
-HL3 according to EN45545 R22/23

Today Vamp Tech portfolio includes, besides the flame retarded compounds, the following high performance grades:
-Metal Replacement (PA66, PPA)
-High Temperature (PPS, PPA and PEEK)
-Semi-conductive and antistatic + UL94-V0 (with carbon fibers, carbon nanotubes and polar polymers in flame retarded compounds)
-Self-lubricating + UL94-V0 (with silicone, PTFE, molybdenum disulfide and aramidic fiber in
flame retarded compounds)

About Vamp Tech

Vamp Tech was founded in November 1988 inspired by the concept of developing a strong expertise on flame retardant formulations, developed on various polymer bases.

Year after year the company specialized on technical compounds with the ambition to meet the demand of the market for high-tech materials. The product range was progressively expanded to many polymeric bases: PS, ABS, PP, POM, PBT, PA6, PA66, PC, PC/ABS, PPS, PPA, PSU, PEEK and alloys. In the meantime more than 90 leagues and UL certifications were achieved.

Vamp Tech, which is now celebrating 25 years of compounding activity, is becoming more and more a reference for flame retarded and high-tech compounds and is showing a strong capacity in innovation which is growing together with the plants efficiency and quality of products.

Source: Vamp Tech

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