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New Cost-effective Purging Compound CleanPlus® from VELOX

Published on 2016-12-15. Author : SpecialChem

VELOX GmbH (“VELOX”) has developed a new purge compound - CleanPlus® Express Purge Compound.

The highly efficient purge compound family currently contains 3 types for extrusion lines (CleanPlus® LD N, CleanPlus® HD N and CleanPlus® PP N) and can also be used in injection molding.

On the basis of many years’ of technical application experience in the use of purging compounds, VELOX has successfully developed a very effective and highly efficient product.

CleanPlus® Express Purge Compound

CleanPlus® not only helps to carry out quicker color and material change and flush out old deposits, in addition to that, it is also very well suited for machinery shutdowns (sealing) and thus protects the screw from corrosion. This enables a trouble-free production start-up with significantly less waste.

The compound is ready to use, so no mixing or predrying is necessary. What is more, it is not abrasive and is safe to handle - for man and machine.

CleanPlus® is likewise helpful for quicker cooling down of the extrusion line, allows easier pulling of the screw and does not stick to the metal.

Enno Stapel, Product Manager at VELOX, said:
“With CleanPlus® we are pleased to have developed an absolutely efficient and cost-effective solution for the problems in plastics production. Our 20 years’ experience in the area of purge compounds has helped us to develop a product that saves the customer up to 50% of time and material - and thus a lot of money. After tests our new compound has been rated as excellent by our customers – we are very pleased about this and it confirms our ambitions to take on and solve the problems in production. We would like our customers to manufacture - it is better if our compounds do the cleaning”.

CleanPlus® can be used with blow film, in sheet or pipe extrusion and in injection molding and is suitable for polymers such as PO, PP, PVC, TPU, TPE and many more.


VELOX is one of the European leaders in the areas of marketing and procurement of raw material specialties for the plastics, composites, additives, paints and coatings industries.

The company was founded in 1993 by Bernard Goursaud and Max Schlenzig in Hamburg where the headquarters can still be found today. Today VELOX employs over 200 experienced staff at 18 locations throughout Europe who are there to support its customers.

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Source: VELOX GmbH
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