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VELOX to Distribute SK Chemicals’ New Plastics Range for 3D Printing

Published on 2018-07-27. Author : SpecialChem

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With Skyplete, VELOX offers filament producers a unique range of 3D printing materials
With Skyplete, VELOX offers filament producers
a unique range of 3D printing materials
VELOX GmbH and its long-term partner SK Chemicals Co., Ltd. (South Korea) are presenting Skyplete, a new plastics material range with some unique products for the 3D industry. VELOX has been chosen as distribution partner in Europe by SK Chemicals.

Expanding Market Share in Europe

Brian Oh, business development team leader at SK Chemicals, commented:
“We are excited to be working together with our long-term partner, VELOX, in developing the 3D printing industry in Europe. We believe that VELOX is the most suitable partner to meet our strategic objective to expand the market share in Europe because they have experience in 3D printing industry as well as technical knowledge on SK Chemicals products.”

François Minec, General Manager at VELOX, said:
“3D printing or additive manufacturing (AM) has become indispensable for design and manufacturing in different industries. Its widespread use is creating the need for specialized materials like the Skyplete range by SK Chemicals.”

Skyplete Products Specialties

Specialties to be highlighted within the Skyplete products are e.g.
EN100, a PLA-based biodegradable type with a heat resistance (HDT) of 100°C, that is up to twice as high as the HDT of competitive products on the market.
Skyplete E-Series, bio-copolyester types with higher impact and temperature resistance than the widely used ABS and PLA materials.
Copolyester types that combine the advantages of PLA and ABS – e. g. food approval, low-odor, easy to print on, good adhesion of the individual layers – are to be emphasized.

Manuel Delgado, 3D printing market manager at VELOX, commented:
“The Skyplete range is one of the most innovative 3D printing materials in our portfolio and an excellent choice for filament manufacturers looking for enhancement of temperature resistance for easy-to-print materials and the refinement of common compounds to improve impact resistance and engineering performance.”

VELOX’ target group for the new Skyplete range are filament producers and compounders looking for innovative and specialized 3D printing materials with a great range of properties. VELOX provides the new product range in all European countries.

Source: VELOX GmbH
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