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Victrex Wins Ensinger's High Performance Supplier/Partner of the Year Award for PEEK

Published on 2014-11-06. Author : SpecialChem

WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, PA, USA -- Ensinger Inc. has named Victrex plc winner of its High Performance Supplier/Partner of the Year award for 2013. Headquartered in Germany, Ensinger GmbH, among the global specialists in the processing of high performance engineering polymers, obtains its supply of PEEK (polyetheretherketone) polymer from Victrex. VICTREX® PEEK polymer is incorporated in its TECAPEEK series of stock shapes designed for use in challenging and extreme environments.

The High Performance Supplier/Partner of the Year award closely analyzed four critical criteria: on-time delivery, product quality, customer service, and technical service / sales support. Victrex nearly achieved the maximum possible score of 100. "We would like to congratulate Victrex on winning the Supplier/Partner award for 2013," said Chris Ranallo, General Manager of Ensinger Inc., in Washington, PA. “At Ensinger, we strive to deliver innovative solutions for our customers. Victrex is a world leader in high performance engineering polymers, and has been a true partner in our drive to customer satisfaction. Above all, we appreciate the security of supply maintained meticulously by Victrex. It is central to our success in meeting our time-to-market objectives." Ensinger places equal importance on the quality of VICTREX PEEK as well as on its proven track record of delivering performance benefits in the most demanding environments.

VICTREX PEEK offers reliability even in harsh operating conditions with its exceptional high temperature, corrosion, and abrasion resistance. The lightweight thermoplastic is used as a viable alternative to metal due to its ability to provide strength at lighter weights – a key initiative for commercial aircraft and automotive vehicle manufacturers in search of improving fuel efficiency and lowering operational costs. It is also more than capable of meeting the strict demands of the medical industry and the increasingly complex and challenging operational environments in the oil and gas industry.

"Every application requiring engineering polymers necessitates a different approach from concept to implementation. This award from Ensinger Inc., which we are highly honored to receive, is a gratifying confirmation of the way in which we have consistently worked to be a solutions partner, not just another plastics company," noted Wolfgang Reimer, Global Strategic Accounts Manager at Victrex. “Our customers can rely on our expertise and knowledge to turn their challenges into benefits – and know that we then offer on-time delivery and consistent product quality deemed vital to our mutual success.”

The award was presented by Chris Ranallo, General Manager at Ensinger Inc., to Victrex representative Rich Leibfried, Technical Sales & Marketing Manager, at Ensinger’s annual sales meeting in the presence of its U.S. commercial and business development teams. Victrex took top honors in the high performance materials category, scoring 96.8 out of a possible 100 points.

About Ensinger

With its global headquarters located in Nufringen, Germany, and its North American headquarters in Washington, PA, Ensinger’s business model has always been to push the envelope of innovation in engineering plastics in order to provide our customers with the very best products. These materials are used in a variety of industries from general industrial to high tech because of their cost savings, high quality and performance. Our ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturing facility in the U.S. uses unique state of the art manufacturing processes, and unmatched industry and application expertise, along with superior customer service to make it easy for our partners to do business with us.

About Victrex

Victrex Polymer Solutions, a division of Victrex plc, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high performance polyaryletherketones such as VICTREX® PEEK polymer, VICOTE® Coatings, APTIV® film and VICTREX Pipes™. These materials are used in a variety of markets and offer an exceptional combination of properties to help OEMs, designers and processors reach new levels of cost savings, quality, and performance.

Source: Victrex

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