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WACKER at K 2016: To Unveil Liquid Silicone Rubber with Extremely High Shore Hardness

Published on 2016-07-04. Author : SpecialChem


MUNICH -- WACKER, the Munich-based chemical company, will be unveiling a novel liquid silicone rubber grade at the 20th International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber K 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany (October 19 to 26, 2016). The new grade achieves an extremely high 90 Shore A hardness after curing.

Liquid Silicone Rubber with 90 Shore A Hardness

WACKER’s New ELASTOSIL® LR 3003/90 Liquid Silicone Rubber

Stress Test with ELASTOSIL® LR 3003/90
Fig. 1: Stress Test with
The ELASTOSIL® LR 3003 series already offers a selection of liquid silicone rubber grades with Shore A hardness values ranging from 3 to 85. With the new ELASTOSIL® LR 3003/90, WACKER for the first time presents a product that outperforms all other liquid silicone rubber in hardness and rigidity.

• It is processed by injection molding and cures rapidly to form an exceptionally hard and high-modulus elastomer.
• New liquid silicone rubber is ideal for cost-effective, large-scale production of dimensionally stable silicone products.
• It can also be used as the hard component in hard/soft combinations.

The cured material almost falls into the transition zone between an elastomer and a thermoset. On the one hand, the cured rubber still possesses a certain degree of elasticity, while, on the other hand, it features very high dimensional stability for an elastomer. It has a hardness of 90 Shore A or – measured with a Shore-D tester – 33 Shore D.

Alongside this hardness, which was previously unattained with liquid silicone rubber, ELASTOSIL® LR 3003/90 features an exceptionally high modulus. It is thus more rigid than the cured products of all previous liquid silicone rubber grades.

Applications of New Liquid Silicone Rubber

  • The new silicone grade can be used in many applications as an alternative to thermoplastics or thermosets due to its high level of hardness and rigidity. 
  • The product is suitable as a hard substrate in two-component molded parts. 
  • It is also possible to manufacture hard/soft combinations that consist of ELASTOSIL® LR 3003/90 and other, softer silicone layers. 
  • Molded parts made of ELASTOSIL® LR 3003/90 offer good resistance to aging and heat, weathering and UV. 

Processing of ELASTOSIL® LR 3003/90

ELASTOSIL® LR 3003/90 can be processed with high precision and virtually without waste by injection molding. Rubber processors can achieve short cycle times and thus high productivity. Compared to standard silicone elastomers of lower hardness, the surfaces of molded parts made of ELASTOSIL® LR 3003/90 display relatively low surface resistance. The lack of a non-slip effect opens up potential technical applications that had previously not been possible with liquid silicones. The low frictional resistance is particularly beneficial when silicone parts and parts made of metal or plastic move against each other, as is the case with mechanical seals, for example.

ELASTOSIL® LR 3003/90 is transparent and can be pigmented in any color. The cured rubber features good mechanical properties and can be used at temperatures ranging from -55 to +210 degrees Celsius.


WACKER is a globally active chemical company with some 17,000 employees and annual sales of around €5.3 billion (2015). WACKER has a global network of 25 production sites, 22 technical competence centers and 50 sales offices.

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Source: WACKER

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