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Xenia Introduces Family of Reinforced Composites for Metal-replacing Applications

Published on 2017-03-22. Author : SpecialChem

XEBRID Composite Family
XEBRID Composite Family
Xenia has recently introduced a new family of materials reinforced with hybrid fillers composed of carbon and glass fibers mixtures.

XEBRID Composites

Fiberglass, since decades universally known as reinforcement due to its mechanical properties and carbon fiber, that combining rigidity and lightness, offer significant reinforcement performance, acting together in synergy, the two fibers lend the polymer an absolute feature.

The possibility to combine variable percentages of reinforcements together with different polymer matrices allows you to obtain a wide range of physical-mechanical properties depending on the selected type of application.

XEBRID’s use is most ideal in all applications where “metal replacement” is required to optimize cost, performance and process technologies (industrial and agricultural equipment, construction and oil & gas).

XEBRID’s advantages can also be applied in all applications where lightness joined at mechanical properties and processability are the main requirement (sporting equipment, mobility & transportation, aeronautics).

About Xenia

Xenia is an Italian company, specialized in engineering and production of innovative polymer-based materials for the most advanced and challenging industries. The company, located in Vicenza, incorporates an engineering team, which helps customers to develop high-tech solutions with a research and development department dedicated to product innovation.

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