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Flexible Packaging Adhesives: Hands-on Formulation Guide for Today’s Needs

This is a Past Course

Recorded on Feb 20, 2019

Develop faster high performing flexible packaging adhesives to meet stricter performance demands and environmental ratings by clarifying your options (latest raw materials, adhesive types, processing methods...)

Edward Petrie (>35 years experience) will review the new trends, regulations, raw materials, adhesive formulations, processes... and share ready-to-use knowledge to help you establish faster a product development plan to meet today's challenges.

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Edward Petrie Presented By:
Edward M. Petrie
Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

The flexible packaging industry is constantly evolving with stricter demands (low cost, lightweight, non-migration, high testing requirements, new substrates…). To combine solutions to these problems within one, low cost adhesive system usually means spending a lot of time on trial & error. Instead, opt for an efficient and structured approach by joining this course!

You will:

  1. Save time & size down number of candidate formulations to evaluate per project by mapping chemistries and processes

  2. Learn how to efficiently formulate new adhesives that combine many of the solutions to today's challenges (fast processing, non-migration, new substrates, higher testing requirements...)

  3. Build your future projects strategies with a clear view of trends & innovations in the flexible packaging industry (sustainability, solventless adhesives, laminating adhesives...)
Flexible Packaging Adhesives: Hands-on Formulation Guide for Today’s Needs

Who should view this course?

Formulators of Adhesives, looking to formulate new adhesives to answer market today’s market needs (including those of "green" packaging).

Converters of Adhesives (e.g., laminators, tape and label suppliers, etc.) willing to implement optimal manufacturing practices by learning about adhesive formulations, application and curing processes, etc.

End-users of Adhesives, willing to keep an eye on formulation & joining concepts in order to feed their R&D with products better matching their performance, aesthetic and environmental requirements.

Course Outline

The following sections will be covered during this session:

  1. Introduction
    • Latest trends in flexible packaging adhesives
      • Improved waterborne adhesives
      • Solventless adhesives (100% solids and hot melt, primarily polyurethane)
      • New substrates
      • Recycling and other sustainable requirements

    • Unmet needs and major opportunities
      • Improved properties (especially with waterborne adhesives)
      • Faster production speeds
      • Non-migration (food safe adhesives)
      • Higher testing requirements

  2. Hands-on guide for formulating:
    • Laminating Adhesives
      • New solventless urethane adhesive formulations for faster and safer lamination
      • High performance waterborne acrylic adhesives
      • Extrudable hot melt adhesive formulations for easier processing
      • Energy curable laminating adhesive formulations for better performance and faster processing

    • Heat Seal / Hot Melt / Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA)
      • Acrylic adhesive formulations for better heat and water resistance
      • Copolymer adhesive formulations for controllable peel strength
      • Hot melt and waterborne dry bond adhesives for improved sealing properties

  3. Latest on sustainable materials, processing and converting best practices
    • Adhesives for biofilms (e.g., polylactic acid, starch derivatives, bio-polyurethanes, etc.)
    • Reduced or zero- Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) adhesives
    • Adhesive formulations with reduced weight and cost

  4. 30 mins Q&A - Ask your question directly to our expert!

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Members Reviews

Gave a good overview of the market, industry trends and unmet need !

Carla H. , from Lubrizol Advanced Materials

Helps to broaden my view and knowledge in Flexible Packaging Adhesive

Soh H. , from ACI

Good overview of the different systems. I liked the formulation examples and commercial product references. I liked the trends and references to bio-polymers with advantages and shortfalls. I would have like some more data about actual performance of the different systems.

Martine D. , from Kraton Polymers

Learnt adhesive types & got deep technical information for specific adhesive types.

Mehmet C. , from RTC Chemical

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