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Smart Coatings: Update on Current & Future Opportunities

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Thursday Mar 22, 2018

Clarify your smart coatings development & business opportunities by staying abreast with the latest innovations and developments in this field (superhydrophobic, self-healing, smart antimicrobials, self-cleaning, anti-icing, anti-corrosion, electrochromic…).

Fresh off the Smart Coatings 2017 event in Orlando, Florida, USA (February 22 - 24, 2017), Mike Clingerman will share with you the new updates and learnings in this online course.

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Mike Clingerman Presented By:
Mike Clingerman

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Innovation
Level: Intermediate

Next Session: Mar 22, 2018
11:00 a.m. (New York City)
4:00 p.m. (Paris)

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Why should you attend?

Smart Coatings is a dynamic segment and several factors (advances in nanotechnology, growing interest of key players to meet unmet challenges, ‘smart’ being a positive marketing message…) are driving the demand. Wondering how to stay up-to-date on latest commercial launches, promising lab concepts...? Join this course and:

  1. Save time mapping smart / functional coatings opportunities with the latest updates by an independent expert covering both technology & applications.
  2. Capture fresh ideas by reviewing successful formulation strategies and gain insights into next concepts to be commercialized.
  3. Improve your competitiveness with exotic materials (carbon nanotubes, nano-clays, microcapsules...) that lend "smart" properties to coatings

Who should attend?

Formulators, Scientists & Managers willing to keep up with latest innovations & unmet technical challenges in the coating market.

Course Outline

Mike Clingerman closely followed developments in smart / functional coatings over the year (conferences, publications...). In this Online Course, latest information from Smart Coatings 2017 event will be presented.

The following sections will be covered during this session:

  1. Definition of Smart Coatings

  2. Formulating Components for Smart Coatings: Nanoparticles, Binders, Pigment & Fillers…

  3. Latest Commercial Applications of Smart Coatings:
    Super-hydrophobic, self-healing, smart antimicrobials, self-cleaning, anti-icing, anti-corrosion, electrochromic… (Updated in 2017)

  4. Smart Coating under Development

  5. Real-life Example of Developing Smart Coating for Specific Targets

  6. Concluding remarks

  7. Acknowledgements

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Members Reviews

Excellent course! I learned so many new concepts!

Tayo Y. , from Hewlett-Packard

It's very good to know current smart coatings available and future pictures.

Hong X. , from Cardolite Corporation

It provides a very good snapshot of state of the art with easy to follow leads- not easy to stay on top of all topics in addition to your regular life.

Tiffany P. , from Sherwin-Williams

Very nice overview and picked up a few useful thoughts.

Jurgen S. , from DSM

Very well presented. Very deep knowledge of the subject. Provide useful supporting information for future smart coatings developments.

Luis M. , from Repsol

A very good overview of the industry segment-'smart coating'.

Elizabeth Y. , from Baker Hughes Inc.

The training was very easy to follow, in order to make a smart coating - and this is an area of much interest.

Helena C. , from Rescoll

This excellent course gave an up-to-date view of smart coatings and covered new developments very well.

Dan D. , from Essilor of America, Inc.

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