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Color Selection: How to Formulate Make-up / Color Cosmetics?

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Recorded on Jun 1, 2017

Successfully develop your color cosmetic formulations (foundations, blushers, eyeshadows, lip color...) by mastering the formulating art of color selection, perception, matching, and creation.

Director of the Institute of Personal Care Science, Belinda Carli will help you enhance your color formulation skills by sharing her expertise and practical tips straight from the lab! (Check out the exclusive preview now!)

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Belinda Carli Presented By:
Belinda Carli
Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Beginner

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Why should you view this course?

When working with color, you need to prepare multiple samples before you achieve the desired results. But when armed with the expert knowledge on color selection & creation strategies, you can significantly reduce your efforts! Take this course and:

  • Learn how to select pigments and fillers to meet the desired final effect

  • Understand the science behind color perception & color matching and how to apply that in practice

  • Master the art of color creation with formulation tips coming straight from the lab to successfully develop make-up / color cosmetics (foundations, blushers, highlighters, contourers, eyeshadows, lip color...)
Color Selection

Who should view this course?

Cosmetic formulators looking to master the art of color creation to develop make-up and color cosmetics

Course Outline

Belinda takes specific cosmetic products examples and proceeds one by one to discuss practical color creation tips and tricks STRAIGHT FROM THE LAB!

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Belinda will cover the following segments in details:
  • Foundations
    • color perception
    • color matching
    • ‘effects’ in foundations

  • Blushers, highlighters and contourers
    • color creation
    • color ‘effects’

  • Eyeshadows & Lip Color
    • color creation
    • ‘effects’ in eyeshadows & lip color

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Share your questions with us and we’ll add them to the Q&A document and your questions will be answered by our expert, Belinda Carli !

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Members Reviews

Provided great demonstrations of how the color ingredients worked together.

Kiedinger P. , from PMK

I found it is very helpful and every point with explanation with some key formulation idea.

Rana S. , from Ethical Toiletries LTD

This course is useful particularly for formulators who are new to formulating color cosmetics, especially in terms of color matching.

Tsai X. , from Aruba Chemicals Pte Ltd

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